The White House

The White House

Monday, January 30, 2012

Never Ending Drama

Back to Saturday….see, I wasn’t kidding, it was cold. Homer had –62* at the shop he works at. Just crazy miserable.

We picked up the gifts, picked up Emily, dropped Olivia to Pizza Hut (where she won a blow-up palm tree) and Lucas to Glow-Putt Indoor Golf (it’s dark and everything glows). Emily and I had time to kill so I took her shopping for earrings. Then we picked up Nick for lunch. Frantic rush to get Olivia, then Lucas, drop off Nick, pick up Elijah and race home. All at –50*! Ug! (I was on the run from 8:30am-6:00pm on the coldest day of the year….in years).


We got home at 6:00pm, Elijah showered and got ready for the Junior/Senior Ball. Of course, Elijah has never ever prepared ahead of time in his life and no amount of nagging earlier in the week was going to get him to go shopping so there we were…time to go and nothing to wear. He chose to recycle his brother’s prom outfit from last May. Boys are cool like that….could you imagine a girl recycling her sister’s dress? I think not.

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Homer was kind enough to drive him in to meet the Junior girl who was sponsoring his ticket into the Ball. Elijah tells me he’ll get me a copy of the group photo. We’ll see. I stayed home and cuddled Olivia who was running a fever and felt miserable. Homer and Emily went back at midnight (at –50* below) to pick him up. Emily wanted to see the dresses. Originally her and I were going to sit at the gate and gawk, but my sick girl needed me to comfort her. What a long night it was as she cried and moaned all night long.

Sunday was a down day for us all. I spent three hours cleaning the kitchen table….that’s how run down I am. Homer loaded the dishwasher. The kids laid on the couch. Then *poof* it was evening. Nick took the space heater to thaw his friends frozen pipes, Olivia was sleeping by 7 and Emily and I painted nails before we all turned in.

And now it’s Monday.  Sorry I don’t have any photos and just a lot of talking, but it’s been that kind of day. Olivia was worse this morning and couldn’t talk. Got the other kids off to school and we slept until noon. At noon the school called. Elijah popped out his sternum while lifting weights and the nurse felt he should go to the doctor. Olivia woke up doing horrible so off we went. Picked up Elijah, Lucas and then to the clinic. Elijah’s sternum popped back in, but he is in a lot of pain (kind of like how a broken rib feels). Olivia has confirmed strep and is in a lot of pain as well with a 102* temp. I ran Lucas to meet Homer to go to basketball practice and now I’m going to sit and hold my little girl. Emily has a huge project due that we are also working on and none of us feel very well. It’s going to be an early night.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I cannot imagine temperatures like you are experiencing. Thats mind boggling. Elijah's popped sternum sounds painful. And poor Olivia with strep. You all need a couple days rest and some hot chicken soup.

Arizaphale said...

It's never a dull moment at your place, is it?! Sorry to hear about Olivia's strep and Elijah's sternum. I can't even imagine what a popped sternum feels like!!!Here's hoping for some peace, quiet, good health and good news for you guys right now....

FlowerLady said...

Love, hugs and prayers for all of you.


Humble wife said...

Brrr- I suppose you are used to the frigid temps, but I still had to mention that!

I hope all are feeling better now. I love the way the dress up for dance looked-even last minute. Guys can ALWAYS pull this off!!

Take care and stay warm!