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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rusty Is Home


Always running….

I picked Lucas up from school and ran him home to Nick so I could run back to town to get Elijah for another appointment! I did slow down long enough to take a photo of the Sundog on the right. When I uploaded I noticed there is also one on the left!


After we were done we went straight to the vet’s office. The short of the long of it is that he has a 70% of being okay and 30% chance of needing surgery. So far this has cost $700 that I didn’t have to spare. A $2000 surgery is out-of-the-question. The next couple of days will be tense ones watching to see if he can pee and is going to be okay. (If he needs surgery the vet knows someone who will pay for it, but they will also keep Rusty…. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but it would spare his life which is more important than being selfish). The cone is to keep him from licking his tail where the bullet went completely through.


Bright and early we were up and headed out the door for a 9:00am basketball game. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that it is –50* below today (give or take a few degrees depending where you are in town). On a day we shouldn’t leave the house we’ve been running. I had my faithful cheerleader at my side.


Lucas had a blast today.


He’s always all smiles.


Today they introduced the concept of free throws. Lucas got to shoot two and made them both! He celebrated with hands in the air. It was so cute.


After the game we had to race across town to a different gym where they were taking team photos. This is what the ice fog looked like.


After photos things had gotten considerably worse with all the car exhaust. If you look closely you can see the stoplight. The air quality is so poor it was making me sick to my stomach and giving me a headache.


Next stop was Fred Meyer to pick up two birthday presents. One thing about these temperatures…no one was in the store! We are now back home breathing a little fresh air before heading back in to town. Olivia has a party at 2:00pm and Lucas at 2:30pm so I’ll spend a few hours driving back and forth in horrible visibility. It’s going to be slow going for sure.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm so hoping Rusty is going to be ok, poor little guy. I am shocked at that air quality.

Lori Skoog said...

I am so glad that Rusty is home. Let's hope he pulls through and does not need surgery.

Humble wife said...

I am praying odds are in Rusty's favor. I a so sad that your kids and you have to go through this.

I love that you have shared the bb game as cuteness is important for mental health!!

And cuteness can warm the heart-boy oh boy...I wish I could send some NM sunshine.


Alexicographer said...

Delighted to hear Rusty is home and am keeping my fingers crossed for him, and you.

Holly said...

haven't read in a few days, poor Rusty! Good to hear he seems to be doing ok so far - fingers and toes all crossed he makes a full recovery. Hope Elijah is coping with it as best he can.

Arizaphale said...

Look at that little face! Surely he will pull through?? I would be inclined to give the bill to your neighbour(yeah...I would make things worse). Tough one deciding whether to let someone else pay for it and KEEP him!!!!Woah. Hope you don't have to make that decision.
But on a cheerful note, I do not think that Lucas could get ANY cuter!!!! And I love seeing the photos of your weather. Last night I was awake at 2am because it was too hot to sleep! I had wet face washers draped over me and you were crawling through that icy, foggy murk! Wild! Hope you're home, tucked up in the warm now.