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Friday, January 27, 2012

Catching up….

Have I ever NOT had a long week? Some day I’ll have to share what my pre-blog life was like. Today…this is a walk in the park compared to then. Difference? I was so much younger! LOL

We’ve had great pain in our family with Rusty’s ordeal, but I don’t want that to take away from Lucas. It seems too often the bad smothers the good in our lives.

Wednesday night Lucas had a basketball game. OMG he is so cute to watch.

“Hey, I’m open!”


When he gets better I can see him being a ball hog… he loves to shoot.


He was all over this poor kid. Too aggressive at times.


If you stick with me enough years maybe you’ll see this guy playing in high school like you did Nick and Elijah.


I totally love those Big Brother-Little Brother moments.


No, I did not do a good job with camera settings. Gyms are always so yellow…. but my goodness, don’t you just want to eat him up?


I imagine you’re starting to scroll pretty fast now. Sorry. You’re gonna get a lot of basketball and soccer over the next couple of months. I can’t help myself.


Today I drove and drove and drove. Elijah to school, then to an evaluation, three stores trying to find indoor soccer shoes for Lucas…. no luck. Shopping here sucks. Then it was home to make dinner before going to practice. Isn’t that a beautiful moose roast? I made some slices and stuffed with garlic.


Then braised with a bunch of spices.


We didn’t actually get to eat until after soccer, but this is what we had. I also planned salad and biscuits, but it was already 7:30 and we just ate what we had ready.


Tonight was Lucas’ first soccer practice. We were kind of surprised how tentative he seemed to be. In summer soccer he was an animal, but this is his first time indoors so it make take awhile to adjust.



And why do we bathe Shih Tzu’s so often? How about inquisitive puppies who find my daughter’s play make-up and proceed to eat the lipstick. Besides that I’m find that her hair is growing excessively fast. I can see how it has to be kept on top of or before I know it she’ll be a matted mess. It really is okay to bathe a dog often if you are using quality shampoos and conditioners (which I am). I need to trim her bottom and legs… the hair on this dog is pretty extensive and she potty’s on herself (hence the bath). Her feet need trimmed as well as she immediately freezes up outside. While I really don’t need more to do and this dog is high maintenance, I just love her (and so does the rest of the family). My only issue is the attitude. I’ve been doing some reading and her breed tends to have an attitude…. and Sophie definitely does. She hates being brushed and if she isn’t she’s a mess. I have to keep at it and break the biting or it could be bad when she’s older. Anyone have experience with this breed? I swear she’s smarter than me… some days I wonder who is training who.


After meetings and shopping and before dinner  Lucas and I went to visit Rusty. They vet asked to keep him another day, night and all day tomorrow when decisions will be made. It was horrible. He is perky and jumping. Whining and wagging… he wanted to go home with us so bad. The deal is that he has a catheter and there is still blood in his urine. While it is getting more diluted it is still there. We’re afraid that the urethra is damaged. They are going to take out the catheter tomorrow morning and watch all day to see if he can urinate on his own or if his body cavity fills up. If he is successful he’ll come home. If there is damage he will be put to sleep. As much as this is killing me and the kids it is unreasonable to spend $1000 on surgery. We are already over $500 and that was my grocery money. It just can’t be done no matter how much we love the little guy. Yes, Rusty is part of our family, but my human children have to come first. This sucks in so many ways and isn’t a position you ever think you’ll be in when letting your son have a puppy.

So a little prayer, if you can, sent up for Rusty. May his little body be strong and heal so he can come home and have another ten years of happiness.

BTW the coward neighbor didn’t shoot Rusty in his yard. He shot our dog who was running from him at the end of our driveway. The man stood and shot down and across the road to hit him. Thank God one of my children weren’t outside. Not only is he evil, it was highly illegal (even without there being a dog), but I have no concrete proof. He will get his in the end.


Bonnie said...

WOW, just read up on Rusty and this last post. I am so sorry this happened. My Dad and Grandfather often had to deal with stray dogs and NEVER did they shoot them for fun!

Praying for little Rusty and hopes he recovers.

Lucas is too cute playing BB.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Lucas is just TOO adorable! Love the picture of him and Elijah.

Alexicographer said...

Those photos are great -- what a charmer Lucas is. I love the "Hey I'm open" expression on his face...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Rusty. I recently spent big bucks on surgery for a horse (justified, in theory, I mean, the horse was a good "candidate,") and lost him about a month and a half later anyway. It stank. I don't regret the surgery (based on what I knew at the time) or the money though with hindsight I wish I hadn't put him through it. These decisions are so hard; I'm sorry you are facing one (and at least mine was just me ... the horse, though beloved, wasn't a child's pet).

RottenMom said...

Thanks for the update on Rusty. I hope everything goes well. I'm really sorry your family is having to deal with this.

I love the basketball shots! He is so dang cute!!!!!!

Arizaphale said...

Lucas has the sweetest face!! What a heartbreaker. As for the gun toting neighbour, you're right. Karma will get him eventually. I had a cat once who was hit by a car and needed surgery to pin her leg. I had just received enough money to buy a second hand fridge but the kitten won out that time. A couple of months later she was hit again and this time it finished her off. Devastating. Hope Rusty's outcome is good.