The White House

The White House

Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Weekend Gone By

Lucas had a soccer game Saturday morning. I actually took a bunch of photos (all yellow and need way too much editing) and the cutest video, but this is all you get. He was so adorable. What a rock star running around.


After the game we picked Emily up at her sleepover and went to Barnes and Noble where they were doing a fundraiser for the kids’ elementary school library. They made some Valentines. We didn’t stay too long as Olivia (can’t tell by the smile) didn’t feel so good. She’s over her strep, but has a cold now.


Check out the compost bins. I hope I remember to catch that as it is melting.


Daisy has had enough of the snow…if you were wondering.


Today, Olivia wrote out her Valentine’s and we taped suckers to them all. Man…this is a pretty stressful holiday. Em wants to give everyone cupcakes….decorated with fondant flowers. Ya, like I knew what that was. Spent  a lot time shopping, too much money spent, and got her the stuff only to come home and find out that 100% I’m sure we have Crisco is not on the shelf. Tomorrow night will be busy.


Scruffy Sophie.


What a mess!


And she is all about Ugly when she is wet.


It took almost two hours of bathing, blowing and brushing and I never got to the clipping to get her like this. I can see a groomer in her future.



Emily and Lucas were playing hard outside and wanted Olivia to join them, but she doesn’t feel that great. Instead her and I got a little fresh air looking for hearts for an extra (no credit) school project the nurse does. (The nurse I don’t get along because she believes everything should be healthy and I think my kids can eat chips and live). Anyhow….do you see the heart?



Emily found a caterpillar ALIVE on the stairs. In February. At about +25*. Really?


Angst! Two boys shoveled off the 60’ X 8’ foot deck about 1.5 foot deep..settled, melted and heavy. Both really pissed at me for having them do it. Both don’t’ work and are a tad bit lazy. (Understatement). I don’t even feel bad. After they threw it down, Homer used the loader to clear the snow. He also shoveled off many vehicles while I was in town…and he shouldn’t be with two teenagers around, but he did. Did I mention they are lazy?




Emily pulled her brother around on the teeny tiny snow machine. She’s afraid to drive the bigger one.


Today, I washed laundry, hung it to dry and put away what was dry. Sometimes I would rather being doing what my first three kids do while I work, but….


seeing Lukey this happy watching his brother “excel” at video games makes my work  worth it. It’s not like 19 and 5-year olds bond a lot so when they do I sure don’t want to interrupt for a little help.  I did teach the two youngest about cleaning today with a lot of complaints…Nick keeps his room clean, Emily complained, too, and Elijah just ignored me. We got rid of four bags of stuff….weedin’ it out!


Tonight I gave Lucas a bath and while getting him dressed I said something like “Elijah turn this way” and he said “Why do you always call me Elijah?”. I asked him if it was because he was wild like Elijah? He didn’t like that answer so I offered up that he had the same hair color, Elijah was here first so I was more used to his name and he was really good at basketball like his big brother. He was happy with that.


And that is another weekend at The White House. (What did he eat?).

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