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The White House

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Really Pretty Lazy

Thursday my alarm didn’t go off. Or it did and I never heard it. Either way Elijah missed the bus. I had to run him to school while the other kids got ready…glad Nick was home. I hate when the day starts off on the wrong foot, but it doesn’t happen too often.

Later I took Nick to a birthday lunch (we didn’t have a chance to go on Tuesday). We ate at the Cookie Jar. I hadn’t been there in at least 7 years. Lucas ordered a hot dog. I knew better, but let him do it anyhow. (All he ever eats is the bread…we took it home as dad will eat all the kids’ leftovers).


Nick had a Philly Cheese Steak.


I had a Prime Rib Sandwich (Homer got half of that, too).


Here’s the outside of the restaurant. The inside is very comfortable as well, but photographing the food was pushing it with the kids…it was very busy and they get embarrassed.


That evening Lucas had soccer practice. I guess my whole day was off because I drove to the wrong gym. Mentally I had the right school, but physically I was way off. He ended up being 20 minutes late, but as you can see from the smile it didn’t phase him a whole lot. He loves the game….any game!


Friday….hmmmmm…I sure didn’t do a whole lot. Dishes, mopping and being lazy. (I intend to have a more productive weekend….we all know I don’t lack for things to do). Lucas and I stopped by the grocery store and then it was home to relax. Emily was off at a birthday party  for the night.

Lucas and Olivia got a Valentine’s package from Granma Claudia. There is nothing more fun than getting mail. They were very excited.


It’s been really warm around +28* here at the house. The roof is dripping and making a nasty ice walkway to get upstairs. This next couple months I am terrified of falling and getting hurt. At 44 I haven’t broken a bone and really don’t want to now!


Humble wife said...

I am with you, when the morning begins on the wrong foot it is hard to catch up. Lunch looks delish!

Boxes are fun no matter what how they are kneeling and enjoying.

At 44, I have had a few broken bones. I was young and they did not hurt so much, then. Now, when the weather changes, I know about six hours before and the aches of the broken toes and ankle warn me...ugh!!

Arizaphale said...

Interestingly my broken bones don't bother me as much as my more recent tendon injuries. Try and avoid those! Glad your weather is warming up for you!