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The White House

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where are the Photos?

No photos....I'm an Alaskan Slacker. That's totally different than a Sanibel Slacker. They are warm and collect seashells by the seashore. I'm cold. And there is no sea.

Just me.

Slacking. :)

School was cancelled Monday. Can you believe it was raining here? Big winds destroyed the Christmas tree I put up outside. It's laying in a heap and I think I'll leave it like that.  Everything is now frozen. The roads are horrible and I have a Mama Moose and her twin calves living in my yard. Four in the morning they had my dog wound up. I look out and they are about to go in the pool! They were hanging with Daisy. They were even on the stairs!! I swear if she eats my lilac bushes she's sausage! I wish I would have had the camera upstairs.

Last night I spoke before the school board in executive session on behalf of my son when he struggled to find his words with my dear husband at my side. Homer and I have spent a little over three months attending meetings, writing letters, using our fighting words.... doing everything we can to help our son get back into school. And we have been successful. It has been a hell I don't ever care to repeat, I know it has been hard on Elijah and thank God he has a father who was there to support us both every step of the way. Now the real work begins. I cannot assure anyone he won't repeat the same mistakes, but now he has a second chance to do the right thing. And I am committed. Elijah takes most of every day.... he always has.... and I'll do my best to get him to adulthood. That is my job. I have not nor will I ever turn my back on him no matter what happens. He's had enough doors slammed in his face.

What else??  Spent a couple fun days with Nick and the Krohe at the house. Krohe...who is also a like another son. I love our time. They are pretty funny. And I won at Sequence. :)

The Em and I had some girl time. It's so hard....we share our time with her siblings plus all the bullshit legal stuff I have to attend to. It doesn't leave us as much time that a mother and daughter should have together. But hey....we make the best of it because we know this crap can't go on forever.

Flower got out and Millie almost ate her and Olivia freaked out and cried a lot. But she's okay. Jasper ran away. I don't know how she got out, but hopefully Spring finds her back hopping about. We loved her. She is really missed.

Another day spent on paperwork and a trip to the Court House. Tomorrow a big meeting with the lawyer. Time to get tough and bring it.

My December is full of meetings here and there and everywhere with a few concerts and school events thrown in. Something almost every day. I guess that means all the stuff I was going to make for Christmas isn't going to happen. Shoot...I'll be lucky to get the Christmas cards out. It sucks in a big way, but the boys talked to me and helped me to feel a lot better. We are close, we are strong and we will survive. I feel Karma comin' with an ass kickin'.

Sometimes doing the right thing is better than being right.

Not everyone learned that lesson in school.


Humble wife said...

Okay the moose in the oh my!!

Of course you will be there and do what you need for your son! Since I found you I know that is who you are.

And rain>??? I have snow and you have rain??The world is upside down! lol

Have a great day


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Oh Gayle - good for you and rolling up your sleeves and getting Elijah back in school. Hopefully he learned from his mistake and doesn't have the same problem again. He's one tough kid! (like his Mama!) You're like a Ninja. My new nickname for you is "Alaskan Ninja."