The White House

The White House

Monday, December 5, 2011

Go Aaron Rodgers

Are my Packers awesome or what? Oh, I love that quarterback!

I wasn’t so good about grabbing the camera today so I don’t have much to show.  My first step outside today was to Mama Moose and her twin calves. They sure are growing and getting stocky. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d find you the photo of them when they were smaller. It warmed up and was perfect at this moment. This moment is what  you live for in Alaska and helps you through those bad moments.


Speaking of bad moments….when you reach that point where you actually have to waste hours  you should be spending with your children to do paperwork because your HEX who hasn’t been there for his kids EVER is accusing you of stealing from them…well, that point pisses you off and them, too, because they lived through it all. They are living it…and they aren’t little. They understand. They are mad. And some have reached an age where they, too, can tell it all. As a mom it really sucks when your kid wants to be on your “witness list”, but he has so much to tell, but never could because he was a minor. Well, he isn’t anymore.

BTW….we sure have a lot of fun playing games. I got Nick hooked on games when he was around three. Taught him rules and strategy and how to be competitive. We don’t play for fun…we play to win. Which is why you won’t see Elijah playing. He also plays to win and when his isn’t winning….oh, boy!  Em just likes to be with the family that brings her joy. Same with Olivia.


And these two goof balls were goofing. *sigh*


When I was a kid my Aunt Susan owned a hobby shop that was previously my grandparents. One year she gave my dad a book “Juggling for the Complete Klutz”. I learned to juggle from that book and then gave that book to my son (yes, I keep everything forever). We were trying to out-do each other tonight. I miss my dad. He would tell me what I should do. In fact, I think it’s been his voice that I’ve heard all this time telling me to be the better person. Be kind. I’m sorry, dad. They aren’t giving me any choice.


Shit wind storm with warm temps and rain has actually cancelled school for tomorrow. I think this is only the second time this has happened. I wonder if the Court House is closed, too? And I hate that I have to wonder that. Gosh, I wish the SM was more exciting so the HEX wasn’t so obsessed with my life.

No such luck.

Ya, I know. I should  only post roses and sunshine, but really…if you knew 1/8 of the crap you would gasp. One day my life will be a Best Seller under fiction because no one would believe it.


Stace said...

I honestly don't know how you do it...It would be so hard for me to be the better person in that situation...Big ((HUGS)) to all of day soon this will all be a memory...a shitty memory..but a memory nonetheless. Hang in there.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

It's such a shame that your time and energy have to be wasted on senseless crap. It makes me wonder how the best interests of the children are being served when lawsuits and court appearances are required?

Humble wife said...

The moose are amazing! When we lived in northeastern Utah we had moose and I will never forget how very large they are!

We are a game family too. I believe that the game time we have done during the lives of the children will make them do the same for their own. It is a uniter for family.

SO many thoughts~you always remind me of my own life-yet we are so far apart...

Have a fantastic week