The White House

The White House

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Big Day

What a Saturday! We had kind of a late evening Friday. Being the Nice Guy (who btw doea finish last) I allowed Emily to go to The SM’s Christmas party Friday night instead of hang with us. When she got home we wanted to spend time together so that made the night late. Unfortunately, Lucas and I still had to get up early for his IYB (Interior Youth Basketball) assessments. Yes, my little 5-year old is going to play basketball. Dad met me at the gym and we were there about an hour without a camera! Let me just say…this isn’t going to be thrilling like watching him play soccer. There were about 100 K-2nd grade kids there and basketball is not a skill that age group has. It will be slow to say the least. The season will start in January. Same with soccer. This will be a challenge with all the  school stuff, court dates and filing deadlines that consume my life unnecessarily.

The girls got up a little while after I got home (glad to have Nick home for the night so I didn’t have to drag them out with me). After taking Olivia’s photo it was apparent  her glasses were upstairs and needed fetching.


The two lazy bones laid on the couch and watched a movie. Then Em ate breakfast….at 1:00pm. Such a lazy start to the day for the girls.


Lukey wasn’t interested in their chick flick so he played cars.


Why in the hell does our table always end up like this? I need two tables…one for eating and one for junk.


I cleaned it while they watched the movie. Yes, that is a pumpkin you spy on the floor. It was supposed to be carved for Halloween five weeks ago. Hmmmm.


Lucas is a Box Man like Nick was. I’ll have to get out some of those photos for you. That mess to the right was put away.


We made a to-do list today. This tree was not on it, but we put it together anyhow. We put lights on it, Nick helped me carry in front of the house and now it is lit up for passing cars. Of course, the bottom string quit working. Nick and I decided we didn’t care enough to fix it. :)


We had some tunes jammin’ and I was dancing. Normally I don’t allow photos of me and I surely don’t post them, but you know what? We were having a lot of fun. Emily wanted this photo of her mom so it’s okay…fat rolls and all. It’s who I am and she loves me so I just have to deal.


The three youngest love to play school so I made a worksheet for Lucas of his high frequency words for this quarter. Those three would be so easy to home school. Emily wants to so bad but her bio-dad won’t allow it because that would mean more time with me. The two little's love school so being home all day would drive them nuts.


These two were playing school, too. They were making math worksheets for each other. Oh, how I wish they had more control of their lives. Emily and I would really thrive on me being her teacher.


They are so imaginative. I see no need to buy any more toys. They took markers and created a house with a “resting room” (as Lucas called it). And then they drove cars through it.


My freezer was full of boxes of moose meat and I couldn’t get to anything. I sorted through it all to split between my niece and I. I washed all the baskets, filled them and filled boxes covering the entire bottom. We shouldn’t have to buy meat for at least three months (or more) between all the salmon, beef, chicken, pork and moose in there. Yea!!



Emily and I worked on mixing up spices for muffins for gifts.


Then we baked a batch of the worst muffins I’ve ever eaten. I do believe the sugar measuring was wrong in the recipe. We are adding sugar tomorrow and trying again.


Isn’t Trixie beautiful. Such a lovely singer…mean biter!


We played a game of Sequence with the Big People (Homer, Emily and Me) with Homer being the winner. Then we played partners…. Emily and Lucas beat Olivia and I. Then Emily and I beat Homer and Olivia. Such a fun time….reminds me of all the games I used to play with Nicholas every night before he went to bed. He still loves playing games….. we are very competitive.



I think the nutcracker broke last year. We just make do ‘cause we are cool like that. (You probably see a hammer. I see hands that are stained with dirt and oil…hands that work hard, long hours to provide for me and the kids he loves so much).


Part of the list was to sweep and mop this area. And we did. Then Nick brought in wood, split and stacked it. He also dumped my ash bucket in the compost bins, but I never got around to cleaning things up. There is always tomorrow.


Such a happy girl!


And that is that. So much on our list wasn’t gotten to, but we accomplished a lot today plus we had fun. It was a good day at The White House.


Bonnie said...

My Christmas present to myself is having one day where I lay on the sofa and eat breakfast at 1pm. My kids NEVER (I wish they did) do that but maybe if I do it they

I dedicated my post today to you and hard working men in our lives. Enjoy.

p.s. did my package every arrive?

RottenMom said...

You are one beautiful rockin' Mama!

Humble wife said...

Love this post!! You look amazing-and the fun through this post actually picked me up!

I so enjoy my visits with you and yours and love the animal print slippers too!!

Have a great day!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Fun post! It was nice to see a photo of you having a good time! Emily looks gorgeous in the photo making spice bags - she has a beautiful smile.