The White House

The White House

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Little Christmas Cheer

Did I do any of the stuff I thought I would yesterday? Not really. I started out strong by cleaning Emily’s room. That took entirely too long!! Did some laundry and then I was sidetracked with the computer and Christmas. Oh, well. It was a good day in the end.
Little Lucas “reading” his library book. We read it with Olivia just before bed….I love how excited he is about getting to check out books.
The face of an angel. (Would someone vacuum the couch already??)
Lucas and I pulled out Christmas decorations. Doesn’t he look tiny amidst the mess? The totes are 6 high…two on the bottom, two individual shelves and two on the top. So much stuff.
We sorted out the rest of the decorations that my brother wanted back. I have four boxes of indoor items and now I need to dig out an entire truck bed full of out door items . He lives in Tok which is 200 miles away so I’m not sure when he’ll get them, but at least my end is ready.
After getting his stuff cleared out we went to work on the tree since that’s about all I had left!! Time to hit the after-Christmas sales.
The girls paused for some crafting. That’s how this usually rolls…my helpers get easily distracted and I do most of the work. :)
Emily’s favorite part was unraveling the ribbon. Important stuff.
Ta-da…lights, ribbons and flowers.
After bath time the Wee People joined Emily in adding all the decorations they have made over the  years. My favorites are the ones from school that have pictures of the kids when they were little. I could toss all the ones without sentimental value, but the kids like them.




Yeah….finally done!! (BTW it is 9.5 feet if you are wondering).
Here it is in the dark which is the best of all.
Yesterday I also received a surprise in the mail. Bonnie in Canada sent me her Saskatoon Jelly and Crabapple Jelly. How absolutely thoughtful. Just when I wonder why all the bad stuff happens in our lives someone that I know only through blogging does such a sweet act of kindness. Warms my heart and gives me hope, and I am reminded to pay-it-forward.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your tree looks great - I like the big ribbons. How does Emily like her dark hair? She looks pretty no matter what color her hair is.

Patty said...

I noticed the black hair. Thought the lighting was playing tricks on me. Lucas's eyes are so gorgeous!

RottenMom said...

Tree is beautiful.
Your kids are gorgeous.

Bonnie said...

So happy you received it! Enjoy it and I meant everything that i put in the card!