The White House

The White House

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I’m struggling for the right words today because all the ones that come to mind aren’t very nice and it is the holiday season after all. There are many levels to being pathetic and I’m not sure what the lowest is, but *they* are falling there fast. So many eyes have been opened to the insanity that I can’t go to the store or school without being approached with… “do you know what I heard” “how could they do that”  “that is so disgusting” comments for which I have no answer. It’s a very sad existence when you are so driven to hurt others (especially children) that you’ve become a mockery in your own community.
Thank God we are normal and happy here at The White House! Winking smile
Speaking of The White House there has been some painting going on. The bathroom in now blue. Technically it is “Ocean” and I’m not really sure if this photo has the right tint, but you get the idea. I still have to paint the trim for the top and bottom plus scrub the tub, medicine cabinet and empty the shelves that are crammed full of eight years worth of I-Don’t-Know-What because we never open them anymore. Oh, and finish the door….but hey, it’s closer to being done and looking better than it did before.
Here’s the bathroom door. This side is done. Today I should get the other side painted so we can put it back although it is kind of amusing to hear someone shout “I’m using the bathroom” so no one comes out of their bedrooms. My kids are so cool.
Nick’s door. I decided since I was painting I would go ahead and paint the outside of his as it was never done before it was hung.
Emily’s door. Now to do the other side.
What a long, emotional day yesterday that started with my first meeting at 7:45am. I met with a principal, a superintendent, a lawyer, a teacher and a doctor before coming home to deal with the demands of the endless legal motions filed by the HEX whose obsession with our lives has really got to be affecting his own quality of life. We are reminded daily to thank God we escaped the insanity and now share our lives with a wonderful husband/father.
Today was intended to be a day with really loud Christmas music and cleaning, but it is a migraine day for my Button Man so instead I clean quietly and maybe a little less feverishly.
The wall with some sheetrock. Next the landing and some stairs. My hubby had to jet off to Prudhoe Bay and back Monday, Tuesday was exhausted and Wednesday had a late meeting at work. He puts in such long hours so this will probably be at a stand still until Sunday.
And last but not least my Princess at the eye doctor. She’s back to eye drops during the school day to blur her right eye (and exercise the left) and a patch at home. That was the emotional part to last night as she sobbed and pleaded.  This really sucks. Oh, and poor Em, too. Remember a Mom & Daughter bonding with a little temporary hair dye? The SM apparently couldn’t handle not having her own child to bond with so she tried to one-up me and dyed Em’s hair black with a distinctive blue tint. Going Emo did not escape the ribbing of older brothers. This is going to be fun. Not.
Have you ever had someone give you things they were going to throw in the trash if you didn’t want them to only come back several years later and ask for them back? I’d like to say “me either”, but my brother did just that. Gave me Christmas decorations and then came and took them back yesterday now that he has left his 4th wife and is back with his 3rd wife and apparently they need them. Don’t misunderstand….I’m not mad the least little bit; he's my brother after all. I have more of a puzzled look on my face. In fact, I kind of find it hysterically odd.  The quirks I call My Life.
Now what…..laundry? Painting? Sorting through stacks of bills? Splitting wood? Filing legal motions? Vacuuming? Sewing Voodoo Dolls?
Just kidding on that last one. I think.


Humble wife said...

I love your life. Seems normal and busy and interesting etc.

and the mine. Lots of respect about the bathroom- I see that here at my place too.

Keep on plugging away as the differences are noted!

Have a great day.


Stace said...

I love the color of your bathroom! Im usually not a blue wall kind of person, but thats a nice hue.
oye on the HEX & SM...I think I have a voodoo doll kicking around here...I could wrap it up and send it to you for the holidays :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love the blue of your bathroom and the white doors look nice and crisp. You actually are getting a lot accomplished. Maybe you could sort of hit a voodoo doll with a hammer once in awhile?

Anonymous said...

jesus, love. i'm just...sending you the best vibes i can. i cannot imagine your beautiful daughter's hair blue/black. omg...lisa (in hawaii)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Your home projects are progressing. I hope Homer gets a chance to catch up with himself!

I agree with the voodoo doll idea!! Lots of pins and piercings!! What ever happened to the "best interest of the child"?

I so sorry your family is having to go through all this! Sending warm thoughts and BIG HUGS!!!!!

RottenMom said...

Where's that SM live? I'm gonna drive all the way up there and kick her ass.