The White House

The White House

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I’m Tired

Lawyers and schools yesterday. “Nothing” on the agenda for the next four days. I hope it stays that way. I could use a break.

How does the weather affect how you feel? We have some snow moving into the area. The humidity is up in the 90th percentile. My hands hurt. Badly. They ache when they are still. Sometimes shooting pains. Yesterday, I couldn't grip the steering wheel with my right hand. Today, it is the left that hurts so badly. I guess it is time to really consider taking something to ease the condition/pain. It's really interfering with my life and being in pain makes me grumpy.

Doesn’t he look comfortable? I want to do this all day, too.
She loves to read and would rather sit in the middle of chaos than go to her nice quiet room to do it. Can I go sit in her room and read?
I miss this little guy. I’ve had so much other stuff to do it seems like I’ve hardly seen him.
Olivia helped me mix beans for Rainbow Bean Soup packages we are putting together. She is happy doing anything as long as it is with me. :) (Does your table have cups of chocolate chips sitting about? Lucas loves his chocolate chips).
We stopped here and didn’t get to the spices as Homer got home with Sydney so the kids and her played. Nick and Krohe also showed up and so they played Sequence with me. Then Emily and the Littles were on the computer, Elijah played video games, Survivor came on and I yelled at the TV. The night was busy, busy and I never took a single photo. I am really tired today and could easily go back to bed for a few hours, but with all the dishes dirty and laundry piled high (and that is only a fraction of the mess) I’d better use my time wisely. Where are those toothpicks to hold up my eyelids?


Lori Skoog said...

Heck! You guys are playing Sequence more than we are....

Janie said...

I hope you get your anticipated break.
The kids are looking cute. Olivia is such a good helper!

Tara said...

Take that break! Y'all need and deserve it! Your kids are so happy to be home. That is a great blessing :)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I'm whining about the cold too, but at least we don't have snow. It is 34 here this morning. Will make for a chilly evening at the barn tonight!!

Hope your time becomes your own again soon. Good for you sticking in there for your kids. We are our childrens' biggest advocates! Hang in there!!