The White House

The White House

Friday, December 9, 2011

Trains, Beans & Cards

Funny how I took the time to lay down on the carpet to take a photo of the moving train and it looks like it’s standing still. I’ve got a train obsession going on. I want it running all the time, but with the slight inconsistencies in a track on carpet it tends to derail. And I fix it. And it derails. And I fix it. I seem to be wasting a lot of time on train maintenance these days.


Remember the beans Olivia and I were mixing? I mixed up the spices and cooked a batch. I like it and so did the hubby so we’ll go forth with mixing and packaging as Christmas gifts. (Yes, I know I could just go buy soup, but the point is I’m making this with my daughter so she can give them away…it’s all about homemade & quality time).



Mixed up the other batch of muffins and they are yuck, too. No one will be getting muffin mix this year and that cookbook is in the trash. 0 for 2 is not good.


Sequence is turning into a daily game around here. I totally love that my 6-soon-to-be-7-year old gets it. She uses strategy and sees the whole board. She beat me and then beat her dad. No, we did not let her win….I’m too competitive for that!


So many things on the to-do list I don’t even know where to start. It seems I only get through meetings and some cleaning each day. I’d like to get through all the cleaning and some projects. Let’s see how the weekend plays out.

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Martha in PA said...

The soup sounds great!
I think we have Sequence, but have never played. Maybe we are due for a game night!

You can only do what you can do, you are way too hard on yourself! I have far less on my plate, but enough, and yesterday, my day off, I stayed in my jammies and did computer stuff all day!! I feel so much better today for it!