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The White House

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Seven years ago today our Tweeters blended two families into one. I know that she doesn’t know this, but I think it is, in part, what has made her such a loving, giving little girl.

baby getting weighed

Twelve days old she celebrated her first birthday.

Olivia's 1st Christmas

What a precious little face.

beautiful eyes

There’s that sweet smile.

lovin' it

Isn’t there something about babies and puppies that melts your heart?

out for the count

Yep, my house was messy then, it’s messy now, but that little girl is still smiling’!!


Here she is today…a big 7 years old. It’s gone by way too fast for this mom. She’s growing, learning and such a joy to be around….and still smiling’!! (I dropped off some cupcakes for the class and had lunch with her).


After lunch I went to Michael’s to get Lucas some more paint for his projects. Those sales are so tempting!


I’m glad nothing was on sale in the yarn aisle. I have enough already!


Went back to school to get Lucas and we had our unhealthy McD’s lunch.


Then we went on a big drive to pick up a Christmas gift. (It was a 61.4 mile round trip from our house!). Miles of snow and very few cars. I was keeping a sharp eye out for moose.


It’s such a bumpy road that I couldn’t get a good photo.



When we got back home we picked up the boys and met dad for Olivia’s birthday dinner. Of course, she picked Food Factory…her favorite place.




I had a blackened chicken Caesar wrap. The best.


The boys all had burgers…and razzed me about taking photos of the food, but I told them it was for you, Lori.


Olivia had curly fries…her favorite thing.


Homer had a Panini special with soup.


Lucas got the old stand by.


The cooks came out and sang happy birthday to a very embarrassed little girl. Look at that dessert. There’s a brownie under all that ice cream and whipped cream.


Of course, we hit the stuffed animal machine and walked out with eight. I should have videoed the guys doing this. They are too funny.


After dinner Dad took the little ones home and Elijah and I strolled through the pet store. He’s checking out the tarantula that he is in no way getting. The snake either.


What a day. Birthdays are exciting for kids and sad for the mom. *sigh*


Sally said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia! The food looked delish...nice day of celebration.

Humble wife said...

Oh yes, sad for mom's but a lovely tribute to a connector of families.

She is a cutie pie!! I love your chicken wrap and actually heard my stomach growl. It is time to eat for sure.

Your family is a delight! I love how you are always doing things together and such smiling happy faces. careful about the moose. We have mostly free range cattle here, an oryx or two, coyotes, and oh yes rattlesnakes and tarantulas to avoid when we travel. Ugg to the snake and tarantulas-the kids tried to bring one in once!!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Olivia is such a little doll! I Hope she had a wonderful day.

gpc said...

She is adorable but I never noticed before how much she looks like Lucas! I wish you all a year that makes many happy memories.

Bonnie said...

I am starting to agree with you about how fast it goes. My oldest son will be nine tomorrow. Next yr it's double!!

I love how you all spend so much time cannot get this time back and you all use it wisely it that foster your relationships with one another.