The White House

The White House

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Slacker Sunday

Sunday’s used to be our big work day since it’s Mr. White’s only day off. It was our time to work on the house. Lately, it’s been for slacking. He just works too many days, too many hours and needs that day to rest.

After sleeping in longer than I think he’s ever slept in, hubby got Lucas set up to work on a present he’s been making. Last week he had cut the boards and nailed it together. Then they caulked the seams. Now Lucas was painting the bird house bank he made for a Christmas gift.


While they did that I made him this. Didn’t farmers eat a big breakfast before heading into the fields? I think we should, too.


We watched most of the Packers game. It was such a blow out so we flipped over to see Tebow do it again. Then Nick helped put up the last of the decorations.


Lucas and Homer built a shelf and ramp for Sarafina’s cage. Later they built an airplane, too. Lucas would make one thing after another if given the chance. At this rate he should be pretty handy when he grows up.




Miserable Monday….. I woke up sick. Got the kids off to school and spent a few hours alternating between laying on the couch and vomiting. Special. It was all I could do to drag myself to the shower and down to the court house for yet another hearing. Blech. 77 more months. I can do this.

After that I got Olivia at Girl Scouts and we went grocery shopping. I ate 3 jojo’s and drank a sprite. By the time I got home I actually felt human. Again, we are slugs as of late. Just physically and mentally exhausted (hubby also had his own court hearing yesterday at the same time as mine….young ladies really look at the person you are marrying before doing so…maybe get a psych evaluation. Young men…don’t get her pregnant).

What did we do last night? I think we pretty much laid around on the couch with Nick, Nick, Elijah, Olivia and Lucas. And the boys ate the whole bag of Cheetos that I had gotten for Lucas’ lunch this morning. Nice.

To be honest, I could go back to bed and sleep all day, but it’s Olivia’s birthday and I need to take her class cupcakes. But I’m so tired…..


Humble wife said...

Slacker Sunday seemed anything but. How great that they had this precious time to build together. The breakfast makes me hungry and I am sorry you are under the weather.

I am a firm believer in kimchi(that I make) for healing, I never would have tried it but I am at the point where I do not want to get sick anymore-lol.

I pray you understand that life is filled with mistakes that often end up having us make wise choices. How we learn often is through trial and although you have terrible moments as a result of past have lovely children and well are a delight to visit from afar.

Have a great can do it...cupcakes-easy smeasy, then nap, warm shower, nap and yay!!

Feel better


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I hope you feel better soon. It sucks to be sick when you're the one everyone depends on. Lucas is so cute working with those tools.

healthy house said...