The White House

The White House

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time Slow Down (Please)

I wish I wasn’t so tired at night. I’d like to end the day blogging rather than start my day blogging. It’s the little things.

Wednesday started with cleaning cages. Sarafina is still shy, but if you pick her up she is nice. Day two of Elijah home with a cold.


Does this scream cuteness or what? This may or may not be my couch. This may or may not be a Christmas present. I guess we’ll know in ten days. Although as nosy as this family is it will probably be sooner rather than later.


Pretty soon Emily’s collection of pillows is going to force her right out of bed! Yes, I cleaned her room, again. I’m too easy.


How do you sort laundry? I used to have ice cream buckets in the laundry room that I sorted socks, undies and pajamas into. Each child would get their bucket before bed and put their own stuff away. I’m not sure why that stopped. Now it gets thrown into a basket and when the basket is full I go into Emily’s room and sort it into piles. Then I end up putting the piles away otherwise they would clutter her room forever. What I would LOVE is a family closet in the laundry room. Wash, dry, hang up….all in one place. Everyone can grab an outfit on their way to the shower which is across the hall. We have the space to remodel it as such, but by the time we get to that room the kids are going to be all moved out!


I am upset with myself that my Christmas cards weren’t sent out two weeks ago. I like getting cards in the mail and I find I don’t get any unless I send them first. I managed to get all the envelopes addressed and cards signed. Now I need to print the Christmas letter and cut out school photos. So much for being early!


Took Emily, Olivia and Lucas to watch their cousin Justise play basketball. That is her in the middle in white shooting the ball.


This is the coach (and a teacher) for the opposition. She’s got a little Cyndi Lauper thing going on which is cool because she was one hell of a coach. Justise is a really good ball player, but her team sorely lacked quality coaching (which is frustrating from a family of ball players….I played. So did her dad. Her mom played some college ball). This lady knew her stuff. Wish she could have had her as a coach.


There’s Justise again in the middle in white shooting the ball. Unfortunately, her team lost and they are out of the tournament, but I’m glad we got to see her play one last time.


Olivia sat on the other side of the gym with one of her classmates. Here’s Lucas, Jadyn and Emily.



When we got home I decided to finally clean the ash out of the wood stove so I could have a fire. Haven’t had one for weeks.


Olivia swept for me. (See the ash orbs in the air?).


Lucas and Dad have been building something it seems every night. Wish they were building stairs. Or bedrooms. Or just about anything besides more toys, but this is good for them to spend time together.


Ahh, don’t they look sweet? They aren’t. They are like all siblings and they fight like there is no tomorrow. In fact, Elijah and Emily, Emily and Lucas, Lucas and Elijah….it’s an hourly rotation of who is yelling at who. Nick and Olivia are the mellow ones. In fact, so are Sydney, Cody and Andrew. Not too bad that only 3 out of 8 clash. Could be worse. :)














I received a package at the post office. I promised the sender that I wouldn’t reveal details, but let me just say that I was sent, out-of-the-blue from a friend I haven’t seen in 25 years, a new point-and-shoot Lumix with a case, three batteries, car charger…even an adaptor to charge in Europe. It’s wide angle, has video…it took the above photo. It is thrilling to have a camera I can put into my pocket and go. I was speechless when I opened the package.

Olivia also got a birthday package. It came from Granma and Papa Doyle in Oregon. She was so excited! There is nothing like getting mail.


Our other Nick. It was a Survivor night.


And this guy watches it with me always. Nice hair, huh? How many species of bugs do you suppose it has? Whatever floats his boat. It’s not my head. After our show the Bank of Mom was cleaned out and they went bowling.


Here’s the helicopter the boys built. Lucas let his sister paint it with him. In school clothes. *sigh* My husband doesn’t pay too much attention to that kind of stuff…he’s a guy after all….and this was his project so I stayed out of it.


I never did get to sit by my fire. Seriously, time has to slow down.


One has to take 402 shots to get one photo of this wiggling dog.


And that’s Wednesday in a nut shell.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Maybe Lucas can ask Homer to teach him how to build stairs! LOL. They are so cute working together. I HATE laundry and feel bad that you have to do so much of it. I don't know how you ever stay on top of it. Once my kids turned 16 I told them they had to do their own. Your camera gift was wonderful! Looks like things may be turning around for you. I am hoping and praying.

anymommy said...

Oh! That picture is fabulous. What a wonderful gift. And how HOW did you live without a fire? I must have one every day and I live latitudes south of you!

patty said...

I know that coach. She is a PE Teacher at Eielson. Her husband coaches my niece. He works at NPMS.