The White House

The White House

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweeping Out the Cobwebs

The neglected almost-dead-geraniums? Still blooming! Just amazing. Interesting multi-colored blossom.


Here are all 25 plants (big pots have 3 each). They’ve been pruned and moved. Now to set up a grow light.


I’ve done so much cleaning, packing and tossing of stuff the last few days. Here’s just one area….my plant room. What a disaster. Everything got thrown about during our short summer plus my shelves become storage for everyone else’s things (walls will help that). I’m not sure how different it looks, but with Emily’s help we emptied containers and filled 3 55-gallon drums with dirt. It’s all be sorted and stacked…ready for March!!



We have a lot of spare boots. I guess one never knows when a friend of the kid’ will need a pair so we keep them all around. Yesterday they went upstairs to a storage closet.


Using our Redneck Dumbwaiter Emily lowered a backpack through the hole-to-be-stairs-someday (after I’m dead) to the Wee People.


Olivia hand Lucas a boot, he put it in the backpack and Emily hauled it up. The entire pile is upstairs and they had fun doing it.  And no one walked outside.


Homer ran home and put the plow on my 4-wheeler since the snow was coming down. I totally realize that what took me 2 hours to do he could have done in 15-minutes with the backhoe, but I like plowing. It gets me some fresh air I would not otherwise get.


*sigh* Totally forgot to cover the wood the boys hauled over. I need to get splitting.


The snow came with a big wind storm. The basketball hoop was directly in front of my truck. Apparently, my man-child and his brother took the bricks off it…


…to make this ramp for snow skating. Needless to say the hoop fell on my truck. I’m damn lucky to still have a windshield. I don’t know if the hood has a dent, I’m afraid to look.


Here’s my pretty girls. Emily was such a big girl today. Homer bought her an iPod Touch. She used some money from the birthday party I threw for her and then Homer is matching what she works off. Yesterday she scrubbed the fridge! Yea! I was really proud of her efforts towards getting something she really wants.


I can’t even go in to all the other stuff going on, but just know that I’m keeping on keepin’ on. Three different legal cases has much time spent at the court house. I’m buried under paperwork and medical bills. There are people who are hurting my children because they are selfish and I can’t do one thing about it. If I stop and think about it, I have a hard time having faith, but I’m not a quitter. As Elijah would say, “What-evs”. I can’t control what other people do, but I can control how I react. And I’m not looking over my shoulder because Karma isn’t coming after me.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Come on down to Chicago and I'll stick you in a plow truck with me! I think you could handle it with no problem.

I Love geraniums. That ones a pretty color. Do you ever get the scented ones?