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The White House

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big 44

Another birthday has come and gone, and for that I am thankful. This is my 44th and I’m pretty stoked about that. You see, I’m kind of the superstitious type and 44 (or 14 when it was unavailable) has always been Elijah’s sports number. I figure as much as he’s gone through, I’ve gone through and then hell we are being put through together this number is going to bring us good luck. In my 44th year things are going to turn around and be awesome. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

I took the day off. Not such a good idea. When parents work out of the home and take the day off, there is work waiting when they return. Yep. Same thing for those of us with full-time parents of five. Oh my, do I have a lot to do today.

I slept in. Yea for me!!  Then I worked at school in computer lab and selling Smencils (Smelly Pencils).  Would you believe we sold 109 in one hour at $1.25 each. For being a down economy I couldn’t believe the number of 1st-3rd graders who had $20 bills in their pockets!



When I got home I worked on my Geraniums. These have to be one of the toughest plants around. Homer brought my pots inside for me back in September. And I forgot them. Literally. They’ve not had water since and they are still growing and still blooming. There are 7 big pots and 4 little pots for a total of 25 plants. The big pots are so heavy it is all I can do to pick them up so I only got half way done before my back hurt. (I packed them to the table, pruned and then put in a different corner. They were by the wood stove and I want to fire it up). Next year when I talk about wintering over plants, remind me not to.



As requested here’s the tattoo on the inside of his left arm. Very nicely done Big Dipper.


We’ve had some cold temperatures and that turns our trees frosty. It’s somewhere around –10* below in town, but +3* above here in the hills.  The photos really are lacking in the beauty that is reality.


Yes, please ignore the string of broken cars and see the trees. (Elijah’s needs a distributer cap; the orange truck runs, but is a one-wheel wonder; the jeep runs, but hasn’t moved in about six years; the fox needs some sort of part in the rear end that we have but isn’t installed;  the brown truck has a new engine that has never been hooked up and just sits in it; and the dump truck needs a new power steering pump). And my husband is a mechanic. Maybe I shouldn’t  keep him so busy building me gardening stuff.



All of my children were here for my birthday. That was the best present any mom could ask for. I made Chinese for dinner and we watched Survivor (our family ritual since the show began in 2000. This is the 23rd season and we’ve watched all but a few in the years hockey consumed our lives). I also got some nice gifts…this is the year of cast iron! :) I got some tools for my wood stove, a old-fashioned blower to start the fires and a humidifier for the top. I also got a cast iron skillet which I’ve really been wanting (reminds me of my childhood) and the cool tub which I’m sure I’ll fill with flowers this summer. There’s also a bottle of wine to be saved and enjoyed by the fire. My husband knows me well.


Seriously, I have about 15 things I have to do and another 40 I want to do so I’ve got to get moving. Of course, I’ll only get about 5 things done, but one can hope. Yesterday was a wonderful birthday and I intend to try and make every day as good.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy, happy birthday. I hope this year brings you all the best. I like the dipper tattoo. It's nicely done.

Martha in PA said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!

FlowerLady said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Gayle,
Happy birthday to you.

Your first snow pictures are lovely. The trees look to be covered in lace.

Enjoy the rest of your birthday week.


Holly said...

Happy birthday for yesterday :)

I hope you remember to look at the trees as well, not just the cars and the various lists of things to do.

RottenMom said...

Happy Birthday you young thing!
Sorry I'm so late to the party! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, I hope the next year is just as wonderful! You deserve it!

And ughhhhhhh! Tattoos! Once they start, they don't want to stop. My Nicholas has 4. I think he is done for now.