The White House

The White House

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today was the Fall Un-Festival at school. This is my 14th year at U-Park and instead of the normal games in the rooms there was a parade in the halls of children in costumes and then a hula-hoop demonstration in the gym. I’ll be the first to admit that I was less than happy about it. I will also be the first to admit the hula hoop gal was awesome and it was pretty cool. Does that mean this old dog can change?


Here’s Lucas’ class (the Mid-day Cubs and a few of the Morning Cubs that came back). Lucas is the Spiderman that is staring at his friend Abby.


Miss Smiley (that’s what Grandpa used to call Emily…).


Look at all those kids…the whole school in the gym.



That’s Lucas…down front in the middle. Best seat in the house.



Emily looks so pretty in the costume I got her. That’s all I saw of her. She was supposed to be with me from 3-10pm tonight, but the Hex and his new wife like to make their own schedule and I refuse to let them pull their crap and throw her in the middle of a fight that would hurt her. So instead of Emily going with her family, her brother and sister, she had to go with her new step-mother’s niece and nephew. Nice.


We started out at Grandma Debbi’s where she gave the kids bags she had sewed for them that they can later use as pillow cases. Of course, I forgot to take the camera out there. :( Again…lots of blurry photos with the crappy camera. I’m on a mission to fix that, but until then you’ll have to bear with me.

Our first stop was with an officer to get our glow sticks to make sure all those cars can see us.


This is Vickey. She always gives out pop.





That’s a happy Spiderman running along.



Had to get a photo with the big safety cop.


This house goes all out with the decorations. Love it!


I tried to take a photo without a flash while hitting bumps. At Goldhill in Ester on the way home it was –5*. Down to –7* by the creek. Back up to +7* at our house. Forecast calls for –10* in town. Brrrrr!! (Can you see the –5 on the left and SE on the right???).


All in all it was a good night. Nick helped pick Millie up at the vet where she was fixed, treated for a nasty ear infection and tried to attack the help. Next stop socialization classes. Nick got his first tattoo with money he talked me out of  :) and Elijah went swimming as he just didn’t want to be out in the cold. We missed Sydney who was taking her little brother trick-or-treating and we missed Em who should have been with us, but all-in-all things went well considering This Is My Life. Oh, and don’t accidently spill a lot of  yeast down your drain. It turns to cement. (That’s part of my life, too!!) LOL

Happy Halloween dear Blog Friends.


FlowerLady said...

It looks like a fun evening was had by all.

Have a really good day today.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You guys really do some fun things! What kind of tattoo did Nick get? Do we get to see a picture?

Tootie said...

Looks like a fun time, except for the cold temps. Brrr! Sorry about that yeast thing, I didn't realize that could happen. :) I learn something everyday!