The White House

The White House

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Weekend

Saturday the Wee People got dressed up for a Fall Carnival. Olivia makes the most beautiful princess.


I spent forever curling her hair. It fell out before we got to town.


A very reluctant Spiderman….I don’t wanna take a picture with a girl!


Those dreamy eyes….


They fished….



Dug for candy….


Threw balls at bottles…



Colored….it was a great day.



Afterwards we ran Elijah here and there and then went to lunch/dinner with Dad.

Sunday was supposed to be a day to get a lot done at home. That translates into a little.

Homer cut up this tree and I got it moved to the pile. Hauled the trash by the trampoline and moved a few things. It was snowing Sunday and we needed to make sure everything was cleared out for plowing with my 4-wheeler.


Millie was my helper. This morning she is at the vet getting spayed and her shots. Yes, I realize at a year and a half this should have been done a long time ago, but give me a little credit for at least doing in now. I don’t know where the time goes. It was Millie’s first trip in the truck (I think) and first time to the vet. She is the most mellow dog at home with us, but I tell you, she growled when the vet tried to touch her. That concerned me. She has the coloring of a lab, the coat of a husky and the strength of a pit bull. I hope the growling was from being nervous.


Olivia went around and around towing her pumpkins. There’s not really enough snow, but she doesn’t seem to mind.


The middle part of the day was spent cutting up about ten trees. There are so many more to do (they are covered with a skiff of snow right behind him). I wish I had the courage to run a chainsaw. Homer ran the saw, I tossed the logs in a pile and stacked the brush to burn. The boys hauled the wood with my 4-wheeler over to the pile by the house.



The third part of the day was supposed to be spent working on the chicken coop, but that never seems to happen. Instead Sydney was over to eat ribs, play with the kiddos, dance to the Wii and have a bonfire. We didn’t get to the pumpkin carving so I guess we’ll do that on Tuesday, a day late.




If you have time here’s another clip of my husband’s fine dancing skills. If you have good ears you can hear Handsome singing along. If you don’t then I added a second clip where you are sure to hear him. I still shake my head that we have a rooster in our living room. The third clip…that’s just for fun because watching a boy dance to a girl song is just plain funny, I don’t care who you are (said in my best Mater voice).

Dancing to the Wii

Here I sit contemplating cleaning the living room, doing dishes, cleaning the fridge, moving plants, splitting wood or just going back to bed. I guess the last one isn’t an option with a list like that. Soon enough it will be time pick up Lucas, pick up Elijah, pick up Millie, pick up Olivia at Girl Scouts and go Trick or Treating at 16*. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Every day is a busy day when you have a lot of children.

(And how did I become a Cardinals fan. It’s like this…..I didn’t watch a single baseball game all season, I could care less, but when the World Series comes around…kind of like the Super Bowl…I like to pick a team and cheer away. Chose the Cardinals because they came in as the underdog and that’s who my husband was cheering for. Nope, no die hard fan here.  And why do I cheer for Aaron Rodgers and GB? Because he’s really cute and looks like he wears eye liner. And that’s how I roll).


Stace said... the costumes!! I remember when my girls liked to be it's all about dead bridesmaids. meh. :P

Good luck with the pumpkin carving...and wow on all the trees...I don't do trees in the snow..I'm not graceful enough and I always fall down..probably why I don't run a chainsaw either :P lol

Bethany said...

The fall party looks fun! My hair is the same way with's annoying and I don't really like hairspray, which is the only thing that makes it stay in! :)

Are you guys getting snow every day now? It seems so early, I'm not ready!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Olivia looks beautiful and Lucas is a riot in that shot with his arms crossed! You know what I love about your pictures?? Your kids are always happy and smiling. I know there is always a bunch of crap that you're dealing with, but you sure know how to raise happy kids that are having a good time.

Patty said...

Great Video and Halloween clips!