The White House

The White House

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Missing the Game

Are you wondering if I've gone mad? Why is that child writing on the walls? Well, I'm not crazy and  he's writing because he can. And she can. Elijah's had many of his friends sign the walls and he's drawn pictures to fill the space, but it will all be covered with Sheetrock one day so it isn't hurting anything. And it kept them entertained during Thursday night's baseball game (and what a game it was!!). 

Worked on the blanket (in my lap) during Friday nights game. The Wee People rode their snow machine around and around for two hours having more fun then should be legal! (Didn't I have a resolution to finish all my knitting projects before starting new ones? Well, I have other projects I want to start so I have to get these finished. I have two panels and want four for the blanket to be done).

 I made a tie-dye shirt. Usually just the kids do them (and Nick is the best at it), but I found a random shirt when I cleaned the front room so I went for it. Did I mention that Nick is better at it?

How about those Cardinals? Very exciting baseball and a bit of a letdown now that it is over. We've really been enjoying the World Series (and an excuse to sit around doing nothing). Time to get back to work.....


sue in mexico mo said...

How did you (in Alaska) become a Cardinals fan? It has been very exciting for us!

anymommy said...

You are such a fun mom ;-) xo.

Bethany said...

I think your tie dyed shirt came out really well! I love it :) My sister used to have a wall/ceiling in her room that people would draw/write on too. Paint covered it up years later ;)