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The White House

Friday, November 11, 2011

Procrastination At It’s Best

We bought these Adirondack chairs about four years ago on sale at Michael’s for $30 each (we have three). They have sat in the boxes since then. This morning I decided to put one together (housework avoidance technique #102). Bolts and nuts were a piece of cake. Then I needed to use the screw gun to go through the arms. While I know I could do it, I also know that I’d probably screw up, slip and ding the wood. I’ll think I’ll leave it for my husband. The piece in the back is to the footstool.
So this is kind of what I envisioned when I bought them. Bright cheery colors.
Then the kids thought they should be more kid friendly.
Or maybe go wild with abstract bright colors.
Or a more fancy painting although I don’t think I could do that.
Or I could make it busy with flowers.
Or simple, but fun. I’m reaching out to my bloggy friends for your suggestions. What  do you see sitting in my yard if in fact I ever actually finish putting them together and paint them? (all images were stolen from Google Images and no one is getting credit).
images 2
The other day I saw a Sun Dog on my way to pick up Lucas. Or Elijah. I can’t remember. I always get a happy feeling when I see them. For some reason it takes me back to being a kid and reminds me of my dad.
It’s snowed the last two days. I should have plowed yesterday and didn’t. Now it’s going to be quite a job for the 4-wheeler. (I should have learned how to run the loader). I’m totally avoiding going out and doing it. Not feeling the urge to be chilled. In fact, I’m more in a couch-sitting mode. I think it is because my hubby flew out this morning in the company Lear jet for work. He’ll be back tomorrow night, but I still get down when he is gone.

Glad my kiddos are here.

Oh, and the satellite guys that were supposed to come back Wednesday did not. Nor Thursday. Haven't heard from them either. I'm not pleased.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I would be flipping out about the satellite guys - there is no excuse for that.

I love adirondack chairs. I had 2 on my dock until one disappeared. The remaining one is my favorite chair. Just paint them each a different color - quick, easy, and pretty.

Humble wife said...

Well I loved all the photos of the chairs. I am inspired just thinking about projects here after seeing this post!!

I wondered about you as I read about the storm on line. Funny how just reading and getting to know one on the computer does make a connection.

Love the we see it very rarely.


Bonnie said...

I vote for your first idea. Paint the chairs in different bright colors. We are having our first snowfall right now, I cannot see the city lights this morning from my window so that means it's coming down's dark yet. Late snow for us this year.

gpc said...

I totally agree. Paint them different colors. Then be surprised by whatever the kids do to them afterward. At least there will be a colorful base for them to work with!