The White House

The White House

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yesterday was a big fat bust. Again.

In the morning I tidied the downstairs for the satellite guys who were coming back to see if they could find a signal. They did not show up. They did not call. They had better get it together today. (No, I don’t have any other options. They are the only  business contracted by DIRECTV to do installations in Fairbanks).

As I was heading out the door to volunteer in Olivia’s computer lab and sell Smencils,  Elijah called and was having another episode. (He gets headaches or sometimes vomiting). When I arrived he looked horrible and had us all concerned. (He was totally fine when he got on the bus and when he arrived at school).

We went straight to the clinic, spent 4 hours, got a CAT scan and the good news is there is “nothing” wrong. No new damage, anyhow. These are just symptoms of his head injury and part of the healing process. They could resolve or be lifelong issues. Then I spent another hour at the Pharmacy and that pretty much made my entire day a bust. Finally got home at 6:00pm.

Emily had a friend over and I had planned a big dinner for my husband, it was late, but went for it anyhow. The appetizer was Red Potato Bites.


Followed by Shrimp and Spinach Salad with Bacon Dressing.


And that was it. We were actually full after the potatoes. The salad then made us uncomfortable. The T-Bones went into the fridge for another day. Great….first I sleep like an older person and now we eat like older people. We decided maybe I should cook for one and we’ll split it.

Elijah’s day wiped him out and he’s home now. He’s only made one out of four days of school this week. He’ll be back at  physical therapy and getting chiropractor treatment (apparently his entire spine was a mess that was over-looked due to the head injury). Elijah definitely keeps me busy all day long. Em’s home with a headache, too, and is resting. Nick brought 4 buddies home last night. They’re all still crashed, but should be up soon to raid my kitchen and then  go snow skating and snowboarding. The Wee People went off to school.

And me? I need to split firewood. I should also put the primer on the bathroom wall so my husband can spray that bumpy stuff so I can finally paint it. It’s not like I didn’t buy the paint 6 months ago. *sigh*

Let’s hope today is more photos and less talking. Stay safe out there!

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