The White House

The White House

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Super Secret Security Guy

Happy Guinea Pig owners with a happy sister in the background. (No name for the new one yet).


A dozen photos later I finally got a shot of them together. Guinea Pigs don’t “sit” well.


Yesterday was my day off from school/custody/legal woes. I chose to take a day for myself. What happened? I talked to four educators and had one trip to the school. And that, my friends, was a day off.

In town it smelled very strongly of wood smoke and can you see the hills in the distance? Looks very smoky/cloudy. Just over the smaller hill on the left is my house where it was clear blue skies and sunny. My guess is some kind of weather inversion of cold/warm air trapping all the air in the valley that holds Fairbanks. This happens a lot in the winter and we end up “breaking” EPA air quality laws and get warnings to stay indoors. So are the people in LA told to stay in every day? I think their air is awful.


On my “day off” Lucas and I wandered around Fred Meyer for two hours. We had lunch. They were out of burritos and I had my heart set on a burrito. In 1999 Kroger paid 13.5 billion dollars for Fred Meyer. They are in the middle of a 20 million dollar renovation. I read somewhere that this store has gross sales of 3 million dollars a week.  And they can’t keep their deli stocked with burritos. I don’t understand. Really messed with my lunch mojo.

So after looking at I notice I’m being followed. It’s the undercover security guy. I know I’m not supposed to know “who” he is, but I shop here about 5 times a week. I’m no idiot. So he is beginning to really make me uncomfortable.


You know ‘cause a lot of guys in baggy pants and baseball caps stand and study fuzzy baby rattles for 20 minutes while I am looking at pants for Lucas. Yes, I took his photo. Yes, I face booked it right then and there.  I’m awesome like that.

IMAG0686 - Copy

This guy followed Lucas and I for an hour. I couldn’t take it anymore. I yelled to him “Hey, super secret security guy I’m not stealing anything so you can quit following me”. Really. I did. Then I went and found the highest up manager I could and quite loudly told her she could search my body, my basket, whatever, but she needed to call off her super secret security guy because he was giving me the creeps. She called him. I checked out and left. And then had an anxiety attack. I haven’t had one of those in years. How is it that he could make me feel like I was doing something wrong when I wasn’t and give me a panic attack? I don’t think I want to go to Fred Meyer’s anymore. I’ve been using that store as an outing with my kids when the weather is crappy for 15 years. My sanctuary has been ruined.


At home school work was finished and then we played games. Olivia played checkers with her dad, and Emily, Lucas and I played Sequence.


See Lori? No winner. We each only had one sequence.


Then it was sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-Survivor time. I really feel like a loser. I used to work so hard each day. Now I have couch butt. Where’s the motivation?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You are too stressed out lately - no wonder you have no motivation. I don't blame you. You made me laugh tho when you yelled at the security guy and took his picture. LOVED that you FB'd it! You rock! Sequence is one of my favorite games that I used to play with my kids.

Lori Skoog said...

I have never experienced a game of Sequence with no winner. Glad to see that they are still playing it...we do too.

Corey~living and loving said...

We'll see if you blog still hates me. I'm sorry that security guy got to you so much. frustrating.

Corey~living and loving said... might just hate my computer at work....hmmmm