The White House

The White House

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I’m Kind Of Boring

I was thinking about my blog today and how boring it is. Same ole same ole with drama I can’t even give all the details about. I don’t know why you are still here reading, but I’m really thankful you are. I get a lot of pleasure from our interactions.

Today I went out to the chicken coop and found this old rooster stuck behind a board. He was pretty lifeless, cold and hungry. He’s now inside in a bird cage and doing wonderfully. While this is not ideal he can hang while Homer gets the furnace going.


This cutie and I had lunch again today. We have to stop wasting our money, but he’s little and my last one. I really treasure our “dates”.


It was snowing in the hills when we came home. Right on our road some young men rolled their car just minutes before I past them. They were going too fast, came into the other lane, jerked back and flipped in the ditch. A few minutes earlier and I would have been hit head on. Crazy thing is Elijah knew the kids. They just moved to town and have never driven on snow (which is why they should have been going slower!). That kid knows everyone. The roads are still good in town, but it is slick as snot at my house.


Emily drug out totes of Halloween decorations and then left them. This is what happens with all the holidays.


The totes are behind this giant curtain and I can’t get to them very easily (Trixie and Flower’s cages were here until just a few hours ago). It is such an ordeal that boxes come out, decorations go up and then boxes sit in the way until the holiday is over. Not anymore.


I am moving stuff away from the curtain so there is easy access. I got the totes stored, but still have a bunch of other stuff to take care of. I really thought I’d get the job done, but I seem to work a lot slower these days.  I’ll give you the whole photo story when I am done.


This end table was over in front of the curtain. I stuffed it between the couches and organized it. Much more functional and out of the way!


Found Olivia’s library book. Apparently, “someone” lost it  while I was in California. I found it under the couch.


I also found magazines still in the plastic. I guess I’m a busy lady. (I can’t remember the last time I made a scrapbook page).


My New Year’s resolution was to recycle. I did really well for several months and then ditched it altogether. Last week I started again and today I bought some tubs. I figure when the are full I can put them in Homer’s truck and he can take them to work to empty (he does work for a recycling company after all).


Tonight I made biscuits and gravy for the first time and it was really good. Not sure why the urge struck me while standing in Wal-mart, but it did. (No, I couldn’t get myself to go to Fred Meyer. Yesterdays ordeal really shook me up. I’m not shakable so this is new territory for me).


Dad fell asleep on the couch right after dinner (see his feet). He’s exhausted. The little ones played bingo before going to bed.


I went to town and got Elijah. He was filming his friends. He doesn’t feel good at all and is having some weird symptoms so it’s off to the doctor with him. Poor kid.

I’m kind of frustrated with how little work I get done each day (for what I am used to). I think that I am going to start the list thing again. It seems when I have a list I am determined to complete it (my competitive side). I want to get everything cleared out so Homer will build my inside stairs. The icy walk of death to go to bed is already on my nerves and I’ve only had snow one day. It’s four years this December without inside stairs. I told him I’ve been patient, but if they aren’t done soon I’m hiring someone to do them. And that is that.


Lori Skoog said...

Id say those stairs should be a top priority for all kinds of reasons.
Do you still have your big dog?

Gail said...

One thing your blog is not, is boring!

Bonnie said...

I had to catch up on some posts. First of all I read your blog because I feel invested in it. I think you are a fantastic gardener (and I learn alot from you), a wonderful Mom who gives a lot of herself to her family and in general you are someone I'd love to sit down with and have a cup a coffee and shoot the breeze.

Number two...the Fred Meyer guy would have creeped me out too!!! Good on you for saying something...bad you had to have an anxiety attack. Those suckers hit you when least expected. Hang in there.

I would love to write more but I have a two year old in a tantrum on the kitchen floor :S

sue in mexico mo said...

Good for you! Those inside steps should be top priority!!! It sounds dangerous to go outside to go upstairs. Is there a bathroom on each level?

I hate seeing and hearing about your slick roads. I hope it is a very long time before we get snow.

She Looks Like a Mom said...

Like someone else said, your blog inspires me to go outside more. We have a vegetable garden that mostly fends for itself, but recently I went out and pulled some weeds. I consider that a success. You work hard and it really shows on this blog. Last post when you said, "I have couch butt!" I had to chuckle because I know it's so far from the truth. ^_^ Thanks for being an inspiration.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

You are far from boring my dear and we enjoy your family and animals.