The White House

The White House

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

A few days ago (?) Olivia and I spent the day together. We had lunch and went to the fabric store to get some stuff for Halloween crafts. That we haven’t made yet. *sigh* It’s on the today to-do list.


This is the new little bantam girl that was given to us. Very fast.


Elijah got his driver’s permit yesterday proving that you can become a licensed driver without ever opening the book to study. He has some serious guessing skills. I let him drive from Wal-Mart to Joel’s Place. I’d guess that’s about 1.5 miles. Stop sign intersection, traffic light, freeway,  exit, yield, left turn, right turn yield, left turn, park. I thought I was going to die multiple times. Next stop…enrolling him in a driving course. Somehow a couple hundred dollars to crash someone else’s car seems like a no brainer. I must admit that the best part of it all was the big smile he had when he told me his passed. I live for those smiles.


Olivia singing really annoying Girl Scout songs. She loves it. I do not. Before you judge, I was a Boy Scout Leader and very involved in the Troop with Nick and Elijah. Boys are cool. They use power tools. Wrestle a bit. Get archery and astrology badges. Girls shriek, giggle, sing and color. Emily, Olivia and their little friends may be the death of my sanity.


Last night was spent shopping. I do not like shopping and especially don’t like it with a bunch a kids. Emily got a winter coat and pants, Olivia and Lucas got coats and all three got Halloween costumes. Yes, for the first time ever I will not be sewing this year. For the last 18 years I sewed elaborate costumes. This year I have too much on my plate with Elijah’s schooling and my ex-husbands incessant court motions. I decided I didn’t want to put myself through the added stress.

Lucas got a guinea pig yesterday. We had the cage from Jasper who totally did not work out in the house. She’s back outside and we have a new cutie to be loved on.

Stuff to do…gotta run. Have a super day.

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