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The White House

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer is Gone

I really should blog every day just so I can remember what goes on in our lives!

Friday is lost to me???? I know Elijah had physical therapy and IQ testing, but other than that who knows.

Saturday….hmmm. I may not remember that one either. I know that Thursday-Sunday I did 16 loads of laundry and I’m not even close to be done with it. I changed out bedding. I’m sure I must have done something else??? I think I mowed grass. Gosh, I think my brain is officially full.

Sunday was a work day. Sort of. It was nice out so I wanted to get my rocks moved and the new beds done so we could clean up the area for winter. (I was being optimistic that we’d have lots more nice days. Not! We should have spent our time on something else).


After a few hours we took Elijah clothes shopping and the Little Ones away from the house for a few hours.


While they played on this very big hill Dad and I put buckets of rocks in the back of the truck.


They are toddler fist size to 2 adult fists. Picked up 10 gallons of them. Realize I need about 500 gallons more.


We picked up Sydney on the way home so that was the end of the working. Emily got to come see her, but only for a little over an hour so she missed out on the movie, Wii bowling and late dinner. (Dinner was late because some neighbors were on a walk with their 6 kids. They stopped in to see all the animals and the kids played for about an hour). Elijah spent the night with a friend, and Nick and Cody were moose hunting, but without any luck.

This is what was finished….one bed which is going to be as big as 3 of my current vegetable beds. I don’t think I realized how much more garden I was going to have! There will be three of these down the hill. If you look closely at the before and after photos you can kind of tell there are more rocks on the water fall.


I packed and packed, and had sweat dripping off my nose.


I took them from here. Still have to move all the ones from the end, but it rained last night. Now I can’t walk on the liner. We are going to build a dock all the way around the pool. Maybe someday I’ll have a hot tub.


Yesterday may have very well been our last day of sunshine, but we didn’t spend it at home. Instead we spent 11 hours at the funeral, burial and home of the family of the young boy that was run over by the elementary school my kids go to. Olivia and Lucas were amazingly well-behaved, quiet and polite the entire time. Such a heart-breaking tragedy losing a child. I met so many people that Homer grew up with in Nome. I wish it had been under different circumstances.

Now today brings the rain. Snow will not be far behind. I have an insane amount of things to do outside and just don’t see how I can get it done with all the time it takes to drive Elijah here and there plus the wasted time in court because my ex got remarried and now communicating through a judge makes more sense????  I guess if they actually did the things that I do they would understand the hurt, stress and waste of time this is, but since I’m the only one logging the hours  it just continues. Karma where are you?


Last night as I stumbled upstairs….stumbled because it was dark, the light on the outside stairs burnt out and, well,  you know it’s the way to bed….the Northern Lights were dancing in the sky. Not a sight I am really ready for. Summer, I miss you.


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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights. That must be beautiful to see. Gayle, how is your back not killing you after moving and carrying all those rocks?? I could never do all that.