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The White House

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Phone Photos!

The other day last week some time we saw a fox on the way to town. Using every safety measure I know I stopped in the middle of the road, fumbled with my phone and got two lousy shots. You get the idea, don’t you? Note the black spruce….is that not most pathetic looking tree you’ve ever seen? Burns nicely, though.



This is running club on Tuesday.


Emily goes off on different trails with the speedsters so I don’t see her running.


Yesterday I worked in computer lab and then Olivia had show-n-tell. She shared Flower with her class.





Wednesday brought another day of running club. It was really nice out.


Can you spot Lucas?


I think a moose rack on a bicycle has got to be an “only in Alaska” thing.


After running club we participated in a walk down Birch Lane to bring awareness to the neighborhood to slow down. It’s a 20 mph street that is the main avenue for blocks and blocks of kids to walk to school and most cars fly down it. Although the accident that took a young life also involved an impaired driver, she was travelling 30-40 mph when she flew through the stop sign, across the road and into the young boy standing on the sidewalk. This street is also pitch black in the winter so everyone is also hoping for some lighting.


Homer went to Freshman Orientation and Open House with Sydney while I did several hours of homework with Emily and Olivia. It was a really long day/night. I am really wore out and can feel the affects of all the custody, school, medical, legal issues dragging me down. My duties to take care of a home of seven with many animals is always right there no matter how much other stuff is piled on. In my head I am screaming “enough!” but on the outside I am trudging along like a very sad, tired, old woman.

On a happy note….I spent an hour of one-on-one with my daughter last night teaching her a little bit of what I know about twirling a baton. I know, you are thinking “is there anything Gayle can’t do?”……*laughing*…..yes, there is, but I’ll never tell. Smile







RottenMom said...

Of course you can twirl a baton.
I would expect nothing less from you.
You damn superwoman you.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

If he falls off -'hat bike its gonna hu' t.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Olivia with Flower is so cute. And you should have taken a picture of you twirling the baton! Go girl!!