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The White House

Friday, September 9, 2011

Race Day

So yesterday I got the kids off on the bus and went back to bed until it was time to pick Lucas up from school at 1:00. My pillow and I were having a pity party. Just so disappointed that the behaviors of the selfish causes so much turmoil in my home…..I just want to be relaxed and smiling, too. Oh, well, at least while I was asleep I could shut my brain off.

Yesterday was the running meet in Salcha which is a 102.6 mile round trip from my house. On the way you pass Eielson Air Force Base.


The trees are turning fast. Not too much longer before winter sets in. The snow was way down the mountains, but I didn’t pull over to get a photo. Too much traffic.



Emily took photos through the windows plus my camera is full of little blacks dots so it isn’t the best shot of the Tanana River, but you get the idea of how pretty it was out.


They pulled cars over to park along the road. These guys are a mile or more from the school (which is where Homer ended up parking).


I drove past them all up to the school where there was still parking down in the ditch.


Olivia was over-whelmed by all the people again and started crying. If I would have had someone to run with her I think she would have gone (and no, that someone isn’t going to be me). Maybe Elijah will do the trail with her next time.

The next race was Lucas’. He was so excited.




He ended up walking and talking with his friend in the red so he may have been slower this time. We won’t really know until the results come out in the paper. No worries…he had a blast.


Racing to the end…..


…then he looked over at me and biffed it at the finish line!


Here come the girls 3rd-8th grades.


See Emily in purple?


Last race she had a bad sinus infection and said it felt like there was a baseball slamming around in her head. This time she drank too much water before the race and had a stomach ache the whole way. It’s okay….she is a runner, but not much of a competitor so she was happy with the results as am I. She was 57th which doesn’t tell us where she was in relation to the other 6th graders. Again, we have to wait for the results in the paper.




On the way home we stopped at the Knotty Shop for  icecream cones.




By the time we got home it was 8:00. Everyone was tired and we headed off to bed. Today I hope to get something done outside. I’m starting to panic….I still need to clean out all the beds, clean the yard, etc. etc. Every day it gets a little colder and a lot more leaves fall. Not much time left now.


Janie said...

What cute little racers. They earned their ice cream cone.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The trees are really pretty already. Gayle, I'm praying for you. Things are going to get better. Hugs!