The White House

The White House

Monday, July 4, 2011

What A Day!!

I could not sleep last night. At all. *sigh* At 4:00am I finally gave up and went down stairs. Laid on the couch and at 4:15am gave up all together. Started my day cleaning the mess that was left in the kitchen last night. Dishes, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and picking up toys. When I got done with that there was the required computer time :) and then I went outside to put up a few 4th of July decorations.

It was damp and cold, but at least there weren't any bugs. Came back in and made cinnamon rolls for the kids and got potatoes ready to go with eggs for Dad.

Look at all those eggs. The girls are really working hard.
Somehow Daisy ripped the number out of her ear. It had to have happened a few days ago, but I didn't notice until tonight. The tags are still connected which means the entire thing had to rip through. How horrible! I'm guessing she was rubbing on the fence? The hole is healed and looks good so what can I do? (The tag says that it is unlawful to remove. Is this like a tag on a mattress?)

I spent awhile doing some blogging on My Alaska Garden trying to play catch-up. I just posted about my Swiss Chard if you want to check it out. (Really hoping some gardeners find the blog...not that it is all that interesting..I would just like to chat gardening with someone).

Emily and I decided to take the pups for a walk. A few blocks from the house it started raining, but we didn't care. We walked 2.8 miles and it rained almost the entire way.

One new house was just built and sold in the neighborhood. There are two more being built by a company and two private houses, also. The last of the land has been snatched up. Maybe I can sell my house?

We had such wonderful Mother-Daughter time. We are having more issues with someone (not just who you think, but another person) trying to come between us and neither of us get it. I am her mother and no one can replace me....just as Homer has never replaced her dad. I guess some people are just so unhappy with their own lives they want others to be unhappy, too. I've never understood that. Wouldn't it be better if everyone was happy?  At least me and my girl are. (Rusty is shaking off the rain).

When Emily and I got back Olivia and Lucas were in the pool. The are crazy.'s cold, windy and rainy. They don't care. :)

Love that new grass. And to think I thought it wasn't going to grow.

While Dad watched the kids swim I was working nearby on my gardens. Weeding them one-by-one and adding slow-release fertilizer. We've had no sunshine so I have to help them any way I can.

I'm going to be honest here. I worked on the easier beds. Ones that didn't have so many weeds you could barely find the plants. After getting up at 4:00am with no sleep and walking 2.8 miles in the rain I was really in need of semi-instant success and progress. So I weeded, raked up the dirt, added fertilizer and raked it in. Took my photo and moved on. :) This is a bed of Pink Wave Petunias.

I have many pots of Geraniums that are of the smallish in the sun isn't shining and they are drowning. They were bigger, but I picked off all the ugly leaves before I took my photos. Maybe the fertilizer will at least help them grow to big plants that would be worth moving indoors this winter. I'll be shocked if any of them bloom.

Emily's green beans (with four Geraniums). How is it that she planted seeds about an inch apart and that is all that grew? Some things I just don't get.

The peas are doing their thing. I sure hope we get to eat some. In the foreground is my once beautiful Impatiens that is now drowning and looks like crap. *sigh* I'm having some really bad gardening luck this year, but still thankful to have a garden. Things could be so much worse.

Emily and I found a cake online that we wanted to make. Here she is drizzling the white frosting.
 Olivia did the blue.

Lucas did the white. Look at the intense concentration.
 No, it does not look like the "one in the magazine", but Emily said it was so good she immediately wanted to make another one! It is supposed to be red, white and blue...not pink, white and turquoise.

Same with the inside. Culinary geniuses we are not.

Look at that ladies....siding on the greenhouse!  This isn't a kit...this is a greenhouse my husband fabricated himself and it is 30' X 20'. Not perfectly square so the siding takes some time, but it's been worth it. This is the same siding that will cover the (orange) chicken coop, the house and my husband's shop. It sure will look outstanding when it is all done.

I love it!

Tonight was just as busy. I took a 4-wheeler ride with the three youngest redneck style to measure how far Em and I walked. We baked a second cake. Emily has a friend over. Nick came back from camping. Elijah is here. We watched a little television and a movie. Now it's 1:30AM and I have to go to bed. I'm sure tomorrow will be just as full. Life is good. Happy 4th!!


Lori Skoog said...

You've done one heck of a job with your yard and gardens! And the green house is fabulous... I got harnesses for my dogs too. So much nicer for them. You will need a nap today! Take some time to enjoy it, would you please?

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I think that cake looked yummy and they will remember making that one for a long time. Loved your flags hanging along the fence. Happy
4th to you all!

FlowerLady said...

Dear Gayle ~ Glad to hear that you and Emily are having some great bonding time together. It is awful when people try to come between or even ruin relationships. I think part of it is because of jealousy, usually.

It looks like you all had fun with the cake and it certainly is colorful and happy looking even if it wasn't the colors you wanted. :-)

Poor Daisy. Glad her ear healed up though. And look at all of those eggs.

Have a good day and I hope you get some sleep tonight.