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The White House

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just Mowin' In The Rain

Emily lovin' on Rusty who is lovin' the lovin'. :)

There comes a point each summer where I just can't stand the Hill Gone Wild. Yesterday, in the rain, I mowed, weed whacked and raked. What a mess. Now that we can see what we are doing Homer can tear up or haul dirt to this area so I can plant a real lawn on a much gentler slope. Honestly, I really am losing my interest in  yard improvement projects. Must be all the rain.

I mowed the front yard, too, and we all know how much fun wet grass is to mow. Still, it looks so much better for the RAINY 4th of July weekend.

You can't see me. I'm invisible. (See his new harness. We used to try and walk the dogs, but they choke themselves. Now we can walk away!).

I've been up since 4am so I should have lots to share later! :)

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Purple Tidal Wave Petunias

More updates coming soon.

1 comment:

FlowerLady said...

I just love your rock bordered beds. Mowing grass when it is wet is NOT fun.

We've had a LOT of rain over the last week or so. Greatly needed, but now things are growing like crazy and I was out this morning starting to cut back things that are moving into pathways and out into the spaces.

How neat that Emily liked the needlework. She could do this herself. I started at a young age and love it still, I'm now 62.

I just LOVE working with thread, with hooks, or needles it doesn't matter. Knitting, crocheting or embroidering.

Have a lovely 4th. Freedom and independence are very important.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady