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Monday, July 4, 2011

Ester 4th of July

I so love this family. Nick, Elijah, Lucas, Emily, (Emily's friend), Homer and Olivia. Being together is all that really matters to us and we are hanging on to that tight.
The parade seemed shorter this year. I suppose people like me should quit watching and get involved. I used to walk in it with the kids all the time....the boys were giant firecrackers one year, Emily the Statue of Liberty, we were a family of four clowns...the kids and I have really enjoyed ten years of participating in this event (minus the couple years Emily can't be with us).

The bagpipes are always my favorite.

Ester is mostly Democrats who are extremely vocal. The guy in the suit represents a guy here in town who was arrested for plotting to kill a judge with a "group" of others. (I really don't pay much attention to the details). Tom Foote likes to grab on to any controversial issue such as this bring it to the parade.

See the little red head in the white hat? That is Lucas' friend Abbey. They play soccer together.
Another group of politically minded people making fun of the Tea Party. (I'll admit it, a lot of the stuff goes over my head because I am not into politics).

The fire department always roasts a hog for the affair.
It's a big potluck. So many non-Esterites have been coming the last couple of years without a dish that they had to raise the prices so the Association could purchase more food. (This is their yearly fundraiser). Then this year they added a family price. I was glad to hear that. For $40 we all got to eat (and become members of the Ester Association).

Homer is talking to our neighbor Terry. They have a rabbit eating their garden and a fox eating their chickens. Oh, I hope they don't come to my yard!

Playing Frisbee.

Fireworks are about pointless in The Land of the Midnight Sun. These made a big bang and Lucas got that army man.

Dirty knees from climbing the mountain.

This young man played with Lucas in the games as his brothers had already left. The man on the right is on the soccer team I coach.

It's really done nothing, but rain this summer. Today it was beautiful until 4:00PM when that cloud soaked us as we were trying to leave. In 45 minutes it was done and now it's fairly decent out.

Another successful 4th of July. Em is playing with her friend, Elijah is with Kyle, Nick is waiting for me to make homemade pizza while The Little People play BINGO and Dad is doing something (?) outside. Guess I'd better get to baking and then maybe to weeding (or the couch!! :) Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with your families.

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sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks! I feel like I was there! I hadn't thought of your fireworks with no darkness. ..