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The White House

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sun At Last!!

I saw this posted this morning.... “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”...and immediately thought of my children. At the parade we were talking about different things we've done over the years and some of the details have escaped their memory, but they definitely remember who made them feel good and who made them feel bad. And who still is.

Woke up to a day without rain. Can you believe it? Loaded Livy and Lukey in the truck and went to pick up Elijah. When I got back I set right to weeding.

This is a bed of Tidal Wave and Wave Petunias.

I planted a petunia on each end of the lilac bush since it is done blooming for the year.

This is what I was up against. This wasn't a quick or easy job.

Oh, look...there really were some nasturtiums in there!

Olivia and Lucas played right by me so we could interact while I weeded.

What boy doesn't love Hot Wheels?

Okay, Mom...I'll look at you. (Both are dressed so warmly because they had just gotten out of the pool and were a little chilled. They ended up going swimming twice yesterday).

Found the Petunias!!

More petunias and on the edge are marigolds that reseeded themselves. I need to move them to their own bed.

My roses have buds so maybe with a little sunshine we'll see some flowers.

Half the yard looking good.

Well, except for the grass around the rocks that I immediately decided to weed whack. And then I mowed which is a big obsessive-compulsive because half the time I couldn't tell where I'd been or needed to go because it really didn't need mowed. Only got one bag instead of the normal three. Elijah mowed the ditch for me which really needed done.

The sunflowers which are pretty small compared to what I've seen around town. I didn't start mine inside, but instead direct seeded so I'm behind. Not sure how big that bed looks to you, but I have to stand in it to get everywhere. Like I said...lots of weeding.

Cleaned up this bed. Schizanthus on the near end that reseeded itself then some petunias.

Same bed from the other direction has painted daisy and nicotiana.

Can you believe how much I got done? So stoked! At 6:00PM Lucas has soccer practice down at the park. The girls played here and on on the basketball court.  Doesn't Emily look good? Last week her and I went to Valu Village to find some used pants for Nick to trash at work and found that they were having a half-off sale. She asked Homer for $50 and he gave it to her. We had quite the shopping spree.

(Right here is the big rant I made about childless people trying to hurt/steal other people's children by mentally bashing them into hating their Mother over clothes. I'll save it for a more appropriate venue, but know that those are Emily's clothes. She looks great. Homer and I don't make her cry, child abuse is wrong, mean people suck. She loves me more and more with every hateful episode. I want to throw-up every time she cries. I'm thankful we are so close that she can cry with me. I will always be there to make it all better).

There's Lucas in red and Olivia in pink. After practice we stayed another 45 minutes at the park to let them play.
Last night was a frenzy of kid activity at the house, but I didn't have the camera. Em and Z collected 18 eggs. Then they proceeded to count chickens...I just don't think I have that many hens. Lucas opened a "store" and sold them some of his toys. There was all kinds of playing in the mud. And laughing. And skateboard painting. And scooter ordering from Australia, no less. It was perfect and just how Homer and I love it....six kids being loud and fun...a real family. And yes, for that brief moment I let a piece of paper bring me down, but then my dear husband reminded me to look around at all the joy in our home. No amount of crazy can change the reality of how great things have been for the kids and us the last eight years.


Lori Skoog said...

You outdid yourself in those gardens! And you sound very happy today.

anymommy said...

I'm so glad you are there for her and for all your gorgeous kids. You are a motivated superstar. Can you come and weed the one tiny little rock circle that I've been staring at all summer?