The White House

The White House

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Late and It's Good

We finally had some sun today and I accomplished a lot. The kids had more fun than you could hope for. I have photos, but it's late. Playing until Midnight is easy to do when the sun doesn't set. We are off to bed, but not without this thought.

My husband taught me something important tonight. No piece of paper, no meeting, no court hearing, no evaluation, no judgement, no amount of insanely mean stuff can take my happiness away. Only I can take it away if I allow these things to affect us.

I have an amazing family and amazing astute children who know the real truth. In the end no matter the amount of crap that we have to trudge through it won't hurt our family because the outcome will be that WE trudged through it together, leaning on one another for strength, and we will still be ONE. How we look at others will be the only thing that has changed.


FlowerLady said...

Bless your hearts. Today is another day to live joyfully with those you love. Have a great one.


Stace said...

What a great attitude, Gayle! You're right, only you can let those things affect you...and you're kids DO know the truth..and in a years time all of this will only be a memory. :)