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The White House

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Real Summer Day

The sun was out if full force today and it was in the 80's at my house. I love it!  Can you see it? The siding is up on the greenhouse! Now all that is left is the corner trim, sealing up under the eves and then some bracing in the roof so that it will hold the weight of hanging baskets next Spring.  My husband has truly built me something spectacular.

This is my pathetic zucchini outside being consumed by weeds.

This is the same plant in the greenhouse planted a month later than the first. They still may not produce with only two months of summer left, but they sure are growing fast.

The jalapenos are about to go wild. Can't wait to feed them to the boys. Did you really think I was going to eat them?

The bell peppers are also getting ready to go wild. I may get something after all.

I have sorely neglected fertilizing and it shows. I fertilized this about a week ago and it is 5 times the size it was. Wish I would have gotten my act together sooner.

My beautiful girl. Yes, she's only 11. Can you imagine her at 15? Yikes!

Gettin' their swim on!

He may be texting, but he's home and he's watching his brother and sister play....because he wants to. So much changes when they become teenagers and those family times are less and less. Not looking forward to Emily reaching that stage. I mean, she already wants to go, go, go all the time with her friends, but this week she only went one night and two nights had a friend over. Oh, and God forbid the boyfriend stage.

Emily's greenhouse is doing nicely even though it was started late and we didn't do a darn thing in it this week. I guess we forgot?

Her lettuce...obviously we need to thin it.

She has several tiny cucumbers...her favorite.

Even the tomatoes we haven't planted yet are still trying to grow.

This is me watering the yard at midnight. Seriously, if you had this kind of light wouldn't you want to stay up and play? It is so much better to water in the morning. Soak it deep and then let the hot sun do its thing, but when you play late you don't always get up before it gets hot (like today). I gave everything a little drink and hope to get up and soak it deep tomorrow. (Although it's almost 1AM so that is doubtful. LOL).

Nothing beats the summer nights of Alaska.

We had late soccer tonight. Lucas played at 8:00PM. Homer, Emily, Olivia and Grandma Debbi watched his game and I coached Nick's team. It just kills me to miss his games, but this is also Nick's last year before he ages out of the league and will have to play with the adults so I'm kind of glad I don't have to make the choice on who to watch. He was awesome tonight. I have a really good team. We are turning out to be the ones to beat. We've won every game and had one tie (to a team that we later was just a bad night for us). If the guys don't get too cocky we could go all the way. Wouldn't that be something? We killed the team tonight. I went down to 7 on 11 and we were still dominating. We could have easily beat them by 20 if we would have been allowed to score. Do you have any idea how hard (and boring) it is to just pass the ball around and not score? Tonight I took the boys a cooler full of water and bags of cherries for after the game. I'm definitely taking water for them every game. They are so appreciative.

Better go shut off the water and hit the sack. Hoping tomorrow is another beautiful day (I've given up on looking at the forecast as it was so depressing all of June).


FlowerLady said...

Hi Gayle ~ Your beds and lawn really look great! I can't believe all the weeding you accomplished the other day. What you don't see with our jungle are the weeds, but I know they are there. :-)

Your 80 degrees would be nice, especially without the humidity we get.

Your greenhouse is wonderful, and Emily's is nice and she's got a lot going on in there too.

Have a great day today whatever you do.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

finally the sun you deserve

Janie said...

What a great greenhouse. And the pool is ideal for the kids. You have a good setup there.