The White House

The White House

Friday, July 8, 2011

It’s Hot and I Like It!

Last summer the bigger kids managed to break all the paddles when we floated the river. One paddle, two kids, bad idea. I’ve become very good at tuning out the bickering, but I believe a trip to the cheesy plastic paddle store is in order.
Although the power steering pump went out in the dump truck and my pool never got filled, it is full enough for these two to have a good time and for that I am very thankful.
Em has hit the age when the pool isn’t super cool unless she has one of her friends to go in it so she laid in the sun reading.
Then we decided to do each other’s toes. Love me some Mother-Daughter time.
Then her dad was his normal thoughtless self. He picked up my niece two hours earlier than he was scheduled to so he could then call and ask Emily if she wanted to come over two hours early because there was someone to play with at his house. If I say no then the kids thing I’m being mean and he’ll tell the courts I’m not flexible.   If I say yes then he gets to control my life like he has for 20 years (why is still so obsessed with me? There is no one I "hate" enough to hurt children to get to them) and he’s the good guy for setting up a play date. How about he’s acting like a  jerk with all his sneaky behavior using children as a pawn in his twisted games? That’s more like the truth. The fact is we were in the middle of doing our nails so we finished. They dried, we cleaned up our mess and gathered her stuff. I dropped her off 45 minutes after his zero notice request. I’d say that’s being pretty damn flexible.  I am so thankful I am now married to a man who would never hurt my kids…not even so much as make them feel bad. He puts kids first. Always. (Let me clarify...two hours doesn't matter to me...making kids uncomfortable and messing with their heads to back me into a corner is what matters. Plenty of times I have let her stay an extra day or go back early, etc. All it takes it talking to me like an adult, not like a bully).006
There goes my Princess for one more week looking good in the clothes Homer bought her on their shopping spree. I sure will miss her…..
Her brother and sister really miss her when she’s gone. They get pretty sad so I distracted them with a trip to the store for some milk. Ug! I hate going to the store! Should have went to the park instead!
When we got home I watered/fertilized everything which took several hours. When Dad got home we chilled for the evening. The kids went swimming and we laid in the hammock. Even did a little dancing in the front yard to the radio (wonder what people think when they drive by?). I sure love that man. He treats me like a Queen and has made the last eight  years the best for me and my kids. I couldn’t ask for anything more in this life.
Well, unless someone wants to give me a million dollars and a beach front condo. I’d take that. But I’m not asking for it. Smile


Queen-Size funny bone said...

how dare he interrupt a good pedicure.
Em is smart to his tricks.

Janie said...

You do have a good man. That's better than a beach front condo, any day.