The White House

The White House

Monday, July 11, 2011

A simple Sunday

I am known to work on the yard all summer long and the house all winter long. Actually, that should read we as my husband rarely gets any rest. Today started off no different than any other.

I went back to work mulching the vegetable beds with straw which is messy and annoying, but I’ll try it. The price is right.


Olivia wanted to help so she smoothed dirt and planted more chard and spinach.


Then she went swimming with her brother.



Homer started out working on the fence. Since putting in the Hen House the one fence has been temporarily in place. It needs to be stretched and finished so I can plant grass where he dug the big hole removing the stump. Remember?

He welded a brace to hold the pipe stable to the building so it won’t lean when the fence is stretched.



And then that was it. He really wanted to take his kids to the movies. Olivia has only ever been twice and Lucas once. It was hot and sunny and I didn’t want to leave the house, but who could deny such a request from such a hard working man? Not me.

First stop was the deli for some fried chicken, mac ‘n cheese, macaroni salad and the worst potato salad I’ve ever had for a picnic at Kiwanis Park.


These two were having a lot of fun in the park.


We watched some medieval fighting.





The borough plants many beds such as this all over town. They are watered and maintained by summer hires. Normally, they look great. This one, right behind the skateboard park, has not been weeded. I pulled a few (see the pile Olivia is standing on?). On the far left there are beautiful flowers hidden by two foot tall weeds. Well, you know how it is… once you pull one you can’t stop. About half way through my husbands says, “You’re going to weed the whole thing, aren’t you?”. Yep. I couldn’t stop until it was done. Maybe the worker who makes his watering rounds tomorrow will see my piles of weeds and realize he/she needs to do their job a little better. If the government is going to spend that kind of money on the plants and upkeep then they should look as nice as possible. I climbed right up in the middle of that bed. I wonder what the passing cars thought?


After the park we went to Cars 2. The kids had a lot of fun. Personally, I thought it sucked and the original is far better. I don’t really get “into” the whole theater experience anyhow. It is expensive…$31 for two adults, two kids at economy time. Another $18.50 for popcorn and two medium pops. Then there are other people. And germs. Almost empty theater and some guy and his kid have to sit next to me. People, there were completely empty rows! He smacked as he ate his popcorn and I wanted to scold him. I really am a hermit, aren’t I?

After the movie we went home and my husband got called into work at 8:00pm. He had to drive over an hour just to get there. *sigh* He only takes Sunday’s off… no leave time at all (he has such a good work ethic) and a couple holidays a year. I hate when he has to give up one of those precious days. (He just called and should be home a little after midnight only to get up at 5:00AM tomorrow).

After he left I watered the vegetable gardens and then the greenhouse. I’m watering away and I see something. What the hell? Yes, the Rosecomb laid an egg in the corner under the cucumbers. What an odd chicken.


Then I noticed a tiny hornets nest in the greenhouse above the door. What an odd night.


See just a little one.


Then on the other side of the greenhouse I found an egg under the tomatoes. Apparently, both Rosecombs are idiots. (My husband just got home and said that there is a whole nest of eggs under one of the  beds that will need disposed of).


The egg was hidden under here. How did they do that?


I finished weeding, thinning, mulching and watering the vegetable gardens. Now let’s just hope the straw works and I can quit spending so much time on this part of my life!


We received a big box of smoked salmon and salmon fillets. How awesome to be thought of by one of my husband’s co-workers. We ate some of the smoked salmon strips and they are the best I’ve ever had in all my years as an Alaskan. If we ever go salmon fishing again I will use the same company.


Well, that’s a rap. If you made it through this post leave a comment and then check out the post below. It’s the Big Ass Greenhouse Post. :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love that you went on a picnic - its such a fun summer thing to do! And I totally agree with you on the theater experience. They should be ashamed of themselves for the prices they charge. I rarely go anymore. No wonder the theaters are empty most of the time. Idiots!

Janie said...

You're going to have to do a lot of egghunting with those chickens.
The medieval fighting looks pretty cool!