The White House

The White House

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What A Day!


Started my day off picking up Elijah and delivering eggs. Washed three loads of laundry and some dishes by hand although if you walked in my house you wouldn’t think I did a thing. Then I worked on the gardens.

I pulled grass and weeds in the bed along the ditch, rototilled and then added dirt. The welder was still hooked up to my 4-wheeler so I carried the dirt in a 5-gallon bucket up there…about 200 feet up and down stairs and across the yard. Ended up carrying 50 gallons and never finished!



After leveling things out I laid down newspaper and wet it.


Then I topped it with more soil and planted my very sad looking petunias (which totally bounced back and look great tonight).


I got another 30-feet and another 13 plants in the ground.


While I did this the two little ones wanted to wash my truck. Turns out I had to rewash it right before soccer. Have I mentioned how much I dislike washing vehicles. That’s what car washes are for.


I also mowed the front yard. No weed whacking around the beds. It needed new line and I was short on time.


They sure had a lot of fun even if they left a lot of streaks I had to fix.


Tonight was a soccer night with my high school team. What a great group of guys. We played the team that is the only team that we have lost to. Tonight we had a 2-2 tie. They had two subs, I started the game short and slowly added until I had one sub. Most of my players never got  break with a few rotating out. It was intense to say the least. With about 3 minutes to play my son got hurt. He was running full speed for a goal and their goalie came out and stomped his leg. At this point he can’t walk on it and we borrowed some crutches from Grandpa Hutch. I say something is broke. He says not. If he can’t move his foot in the morning he has agreed to go to the doctor. We shall see.


Plants gone wild. I tried to tie the tomato up and ended up breaking the branch off. I’m telling you with two months of growing left I won’t be able to move in here.


How big were these zucchini a couple days ago? I think you could watch them grow.


Seriously these have tripled in size since yesterday. Just amazing.



I spent 2.5 hours watering the upper flower beds after soccer tonight. I can’t believe how dry it can get in just a day.


Well, it’s 1:15AM and I am exhausted. The three men are all sleeping and I have two little ones bouncing off the walls.  Where in the hell do they get their energy?


Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for showing us your green house.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your yard looks wonderful - all your hard work is really paying off. I am amazed at how quickly your stuff grows in the greenhouse. Do you ever make fried green tomatoes? Hope Nick's leg is ok.

Bonnie said...

I feel your pain on the little kid energy. Our 2 yr old makes it to midnight up at the lake. I give up on fighting him because we never get to enjoy the campfire, so we just bring him out and he sits with us At least we all get to sleep in.

Your yard looks great as always. Why do you put newspaper down in your beds? My petunias have drowned so I will be replacing them. This afternoon I am going to fetch some $2 perrenials from a local store. I keep killing the ones I have :(.

Janie said...

Your greenhouse plants look amazing! They're huge.
I hate to weedwhack because it's always out of line. Somebody ought to invent a better machine.