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The White House

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big Ass Greenhouse

Here it is Lori…the Big Ass Greenhouse Post.

The siding is done (for the most part). See the cute little trim on the top and sides. Perfect! Especially since this is also the siding for the Hen House, The White House and The Shop (yet to come). It will all tie together nicely.


This side houses my Mother’s 35+ year old rhubarb that was split and transplanted this summer. I won’t be harvesting any this year, but I suspect in a few years I’ll have some big plants.


There she is in all her glory.  It’s 14 feet wide and 27 feet long. This is not a kit and we did not have plans. The construction came from scrap aluminum and my husband’s mind as he went along. He truly has many talents.


The walls are 8 and a half feet tall and the peak is 12 and a half feet.


When the greenhouse reaches 80* I open the door and plug in the fan.


This is the “old” furnace. It will be replaced this fall with one that is more dependable. The radio cranks country for Daisy and the chickens who are out back.


I have a 55 gallon barrel that I fill so the water can warm during the day. On hot days I water in the evening and use about 45 gallons of it. That’s a lot of water each day! The barrel has a submersible pump and 50 feet of hose that easy moves around the beds. It takes about 1.5 hours to water so next year we will be incorporating soaker hoses to save me time.


I have a cold beverage fridge with something for everyone. It’s nice to be able to offer a cool drink to anyone who stops by.


This side I have planted several varieties of tomatoes. I used a string method to hold them up. It works for most, but not for the Golden Nuggets. I think next year we will just go with cages. We will be able to fit 18.


This side has the cucumbers gone wild that I learned do not climb without assistance. Can’t wait until we have something to eat.


This bed was constructed late and wasn’t well planned out. Entirely too many zucchini for one bed, but it will be fun to watch it go crazy. At the far end are left over cucumber plants, jalapeno’s and tomatoes.


The side beds are 24 feet long and 32 inches wide. The center bed is 24 feet long and 49 inches wide.



Cucumbers with no where to go!


Bell peppers in front of the cucumbers.


A few carrots between the peppers and cucumbers… a little experiment.


I also planted onions in front of the tomatoes as an experiment. And carrots behind them that I can no longer see.


This photo was taken yesterday showing how eventually I won’t be able to walk down the aisle. Tonight the tomato and zucchini plants were about  5 inches from each other. I can’t believe they are growing that fast.


That is the bracing that will need to be finished.  Bracing will go on each cross piece so I can put my hanging baskets there in the Spring before they go outside.


This is the back of the greenhouse. Homer put in a window so I can look out and see the sheep/chickens if I hear something suspicious. Like ravens.


Corner pieces are being bent by a local business and will go up the sides to seal things up. Also, under the eves. There is one more side to the greenhouse that has a bed for the sale Rhododendron that I bought, but since it isn’t cleaned out and planted I’m not showing it to you. :)


And there you have it. My Big Ass Greenhouse that needs a little more planning for next season.

I wish I had three of them!


FlowerLady said...

That is one huge and wonderful greenhouse. It is great when our hubbies can make something from recycled things. I know you are going to enjoy your greenhouse all year long.

Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

Stace said...

OMG! Can I borrow your husband??????? I need a greenhouse like that!!! Wow! I am so envious...and all of your plants look so good. I can't believe he did that all without plans...he really is a talented guy.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

OMG-that is the most AWESOME greenhouse ever!!! I am totally jealous. You need a sign that says "Big Ass Greenhouse" to hang over the doorway. Love it!!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Boy he built you a nice one. what kind of music are you playing so they grow so nicely. Maybe those cucumbers would climb with some rock and roll. lol

Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for the tour! It is fabulous! Homer did a great job building it and you have one green thumb!

Janie said...

Wow, that greenhouse is big enough for a commercial grower!
The plants sure seem to love it.