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The White House

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Beautiful Day


Yesterday I took my leftover cup of coffee….I only had two cups and was out…and sat enjoying my front yard. The only thing missing was the paper. I think I’m going to subscribe to it again. I didn’t realize how much I would miss it. (Just not the same reading it online).


The peas are really taking off. I hope they flower soon. One of my neighbors said her peas flowered a couple of days ago.


Here is another one of my bargain plants. It is a ghost fern and not supposed to have any direct sunlight. At the moment I don’t have a bed like that so I put them with the peas. That bed loses all sun part way through the day. If they survive I can eventually make a shade bed for them.


My first pansy of the summer.


A field of little Janie Spry Marigolds. I wonder if they get bigger?



The Schizanthus always starts out slow, but should fill in by the end of summer.


I need to start thinking of some kohlrabi dishes. Some of them are getting pretty big.


Kohlrabi and broccoli… one of the first beds I weeded and now it needs it again. Never-ending and now I am a believer in mulch.


I need more hours in the day. Still haven’t fixed this area for grass.


I did get some more planting done yesterday…Petunias.

I got my dredge buckets planted.



I weeded the next three beds. Just kills my back!




I really love my 4-wheeler. I wish we had two so Homer and I could take the kids riding. We went for a short ride last night, but it really isn’t built for four people.


I need to set traps for the voles.


Yep, there they are.


Olivia wanted to work in the garden with me. I let her plant more onions and for once I didn’t worry if they were too close or too far. I just let her have fun.


She really enjoyed helping me mulch. After all that icky weeding I did some mulch research and found some helpful tips on this blog. Straw is what I had so it is why I’m trying. I’m going to do newspaper and soil around the flowers. It’s all about experimenting until I find what works best for me. I did the partially decomposed compost which really fertilized, but it created the chickweed I can’t get rid of. I see one of her tips is to cover it with another mulch. That would have made sense.


Olivia always wants to water, but then gets tired of it quick. I think the hose is too heavy.


We got three beds done and I was on a roll until….a neighbor stopped for eggs. Then her kids got out of the car and we discover Olivia and her daughter were in the same class. Next thing you know we are sitting getting to know each other and four kids are in the pool. Then her husband comes by. Mine comes home. They leave, we eat dinner, go for a 4-wheeler ride and that was the end of working. I had hoped to get more done yesterday, but fun is far more important. Lucas feel asleep and we hung out in the front yard playing with Olivia and Flower (the guinea pig).  It was a good night and so far a very late start to our day so I’d better get a move on. (Big-ass greenhouse photos to come later).


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Queen-Size funny bone said...

i spent all kinds of money this year on mulch and i still get plenty of weeds. ugh