The White House

The White House

Sunday, June 19, 2011


There's my girls. Then now go in and out of the chicken coop at will. They just hop in and out the hole. Now I've got to finish painting the nest boxes! Shame on me!!

Mowed the end of the pond. The new grass came in pretty good. There are weeds in it which drives me nuts, but there are too many to pick out.

While I worked wouldn't you know they were swimming?! Em was with a friend for part of the day and then they both came home and went swimming. Of course, I forgot to get a  photo.

I got the front yard mowed pretty quickly, too. I only do the weed whacker every other mow just because it is so time consuming.

I've mentioned that I don't have enough plants to fill my beds this summer. As I was getting ready to rototill this bed I noticed that the Schizanthus (Butterfly Flowers or Poor Man's Orchid) had reseeded themselves. There were so many that I spaced them out and am going to let them do their thing.

I only had a couple that made my Spring of Turmoil so hopefully between the little and big they will fill out the end of the bed.

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