The White House

The White House

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Friday and Saturday!!!

I should have had a petunia planting party. So much work to do and each year I seem to get a little slower.

Yep, back in the pool. They just can't get enough of the water.

It was a beautiful day.

Stopped at Pioneer Park fka Alaskaland to find Elijah. He was there working and I wanted to give him some money to eat on. Not an easy feat finding him...there were a lot of people there.
Em and The Littles love Food Factory so I took them on the patio for fries, etc. Not a good choice. It must have been well over 100* up there without a breeze. I didn't mind sitting and sweating, but not so much fun for little people.
Not much of a view either...just the "mall" and road.

Then we were off to Lowe's for swimming pool stuff, but they quit carrying it. Great! Now what?
I scored a whole bunch of Spring blooming Perennials for $13.25 (they were either 25 cents or 1.00 each). The tags said they were good to -20 and some to -40. Hopefully they'll come back. For that cheap it was worth a try.
Then on the way to Home Depot my truck blew all its oil and died in the middle of a busy driveway into Fred Meyer at 80* with three kids. Isn't that special. I made two trips in the store and dumped in 9 gallons of oil so I could make it home. I'll be driving the van until we figure it out.  (Such is my life...score on cheap plants and then buy $20 worth of oil to get home. *sigh* I've learned to just roll with it).
Thursday is posted below if you want to catch all that we've been doing.


Tara said...

I love how you take pictures of the crappy stuff for us. Love you, Gayle!! The kids are getting SO DARNED BIG! :) :(

Janie said...

Wow, that's a shame about the truck blowing its oil. At least you were close to a store to buy more!