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The White House

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Perfect Birthday Party

When I walked out the door Saturday morning THIS was parked in my yard. *swoon* It was love at first sight! Let the reshaping of the land begin! (Yup, it is here to stay).

My first task of the day was to pressure wash the sidewalk. My "little" projects always grow and I ended up doing the blocks around the house as well. No wonder I never make it all the way through my to-do lists.

Ack! The clutter. I had hoped to get this all done on Saturday, but after pressure washing my lawn grooming took the bulk of the day. First I weed-whack around all the beds, then I use my weeding tool to get the dandelions, etc. (I really don't like weeds in the grass), then I used a rake to try and get up some of the stubborn dead grass that didn't get burnt and finally, I mowed. I do believe lawn maintenance could be a full-time job.

Saturday is Homer's only "night" off so we decided to leave the yard cleaning until morning and enjoy ourselves in the evening. Isn't this just precious? Daddy teaching his daughter the fine art of applying BBQ sauce to ribs.

Before we snuggled in with a movie they just had to break in our new toy. I bet Lucas won't be very old when he can run this thing. In fact, it will be great for Dad to teach Nick and Elijah how to work it. Never hurts to have a skill even if you don't use it often.

Why did we have to clean up in the morning? For Lucas' birthday party! He actually turned five on May 5th, but the next Sunday was Mother's Day. Then Emily was at her dad's. Then Grandma and Grandpa were out of town. Then Emily was at her dad's. Then my niece and her girls were busy. All of a sudden we are six Sunday's later and I decided to just go for it. Either Em would be at her brother's party or she wouldn't. Her step-mother said she wasn't allowed to come which really was sad, but then her Dad brought her over anyway. I'm so glad the he had the heart to know that at five Lucas doesn't understand any of this and loves his sister dearly.  Adults with disagreements shouldn't inflict those on little kids....  Lucas was thrilled when she pulled up.

It was pretty windy, but warm with the sun so we had the party outside.

He was just beaming all day long. He said, "Mom, there are so many people here". It really made him feel special to have everyone at our house just for him.

Right to his big brother to show him his cool new toys.

I just realized that I sewed the dress Olivia is wearing years ago for Emily (who is standing next to her). She's grown so much since then! I hope I can get back into sewing this winter. I would love to make more of Olivia's clothes.

Boys love toys no matter their age!!

Lucas designed his own cake. It was two cakes stacked with frosting and strawberries in the middle.

Gathered around are Olivia, Angie, Abbey, Grandma Debbi, Jadyn, Zoey, Emily, Brie, Justise....

Tisha, Elijah, Prakash, Nick....
 Grandpa Hutch, Travis, Homer and Lucas. It was an awesome birthday!!
 Emily took Zoey and Jadyn swimming, but they didn't last long as it was pretty chilly out. The wind was getting stronger, the temperature dropped and we had a few minutes of rain.
 That, however, did not stop Lucas, Olivia and Abbey from playing in the pool. Little kids are oblivious to the cold.

After everyone left we sat down to watch the NBA Finals. (I was cheering for the Mavericks). During the game it started to pour and I'm pretty sure it rained all night. This morning has been mostly rain and it is only 52*. Today, will be a day spent inside! I am ready for another string of 80* days. We have a backhoe to put to work!


Janie said...

Happy birthday to Lucas. Looks like a fun party.

Lori Skoog said...

I must say, you have some pretty amazing toys. Belated Happy Birthday to the adorable Lucas!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Looked like an awesome day! Lucas is such a little man already. Boy is he growing up fast.

Hollie said...

Happy birthday to Lucas (even it was a month ago). Looks like you all had a fun time.
Also, Abbey has such gorgeous coloured hair! I'm so jealous.