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The White House

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We've Gone to the Birds

Emily had her friend Skye spend the night Wednesday. They went swimming (Emily was freezing; Skye was tough) before Emily had to leave to her dad's. Hope the days go by quickly. We had such a great week together despite all attempts to ruin it for us. Summers are one of the best parts of choosing Parenting as a profession. :)  Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like now had I taken that teaching job I was offered 20 years ago instead of staying in town for my now-ex....but I know it couldn't have been better than the joy Emily, Elijah and Nick have brought to my life.

Yesterday I was out in the greenhouse at 7:30 AM painting before it got too hot. I decided to just get it done! (I have to pull the dirt back and do the inside a little, but that will happen this fall).
 I am so happy we changed it from gray to orange. It is such a happy place to be!
 Aren't the little cucumbers cute?
 I have flowers on the jalapeno plants!!
 I got the big pots out and planted with geraniums. Now I need the boys to pack them around the yard for me. I started putting the extra cucumber plants in pots I have stored to put in Emily's greenhouse.
 I raked Daisy's pen. Now I need several bales of straw to cover the dirt so she isn't so filthy. I can get it for $6 a bale, but it is in Delta (100 miles away) and I have too much to do today to run there. At the feed store it is like $16 so I'll wait until I can take a road trip.
 I also raked the chicken pen. We still need to get that box out and a gazebo built, but these things take time which my poor husband doesn't have much of. In fact, neither does my son. He's also working so much...up at 6, at work at 7, off at 6 with a one hour lunch and he does this six days a week. I've had him around almost all the time for 18 years....I miss his so much. Graduation was no big deal. Him going to work is what has been hard on me. He's always been a great companion and made the days fun. I wish I could win a lottery so he could hang out at the pool with me instead of work! :)
 Pile of sleeping chickens!
 Two of the Bantam roosters.
 One of my laying hens.
 I thought it was funny how she was standing on one foot.
 This is one of the old chickens given to us. She likes to sit on the eggs.
 Eat and sleep. Rough life.
 One of the two Rosecombs I have left. Just love them EXCEPT I can't keep her out of the greenhouse. She likes to dig in the beds. Such a stinker!
Well, we are having Lucas' birthday party tomorrow (a month late!). We are hoping Emily will be allowed to come for her brother and be with family, but with all the ugly being directed at our family lately I'm not holding my breath. Sure wish we could rewind a year to before my ex got remarried and we all got along. Funny how two adults can communicate for 19 years and then one day one half shuts down. It sure has caused a lot of unnecessary unhappiness and has taught me to not be so trusting. When some one says they'd never hurt your kids because kids come first, don't believe it. Keep that Mama Bear stance at all times.

Happy Saturday All!! I'm off to get the yard a little cleaner for the party!!


Janie said...

I love the orange color in the greenhouse!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I like the grow box painted orange too. Very pop-py!!

Your chickens are so beautiful. I love the pic of them piled up. A friend here has chickens and they all have their own personalities. It's really quite interesting.

Wishing you and your family many happy memories this summer!!

hapi said...

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