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The White House

Thursday, May 5, 2011

School Is Exhausting and I've Already Graduated

I'm calling this "later in the day" Day 4 because I can't really remember.  There are a lot more roots now, but nothing like there should be.

This is this morning on Day 5.  There is obvious growth, but really most of the seeds don't even have roots so I can't see this creating much of a "mat" that I can lay out for Daisy and the chickens.  On the good side, once I rinsed thoroughly away the rancid stench everything is back to that "sweet cereal smell" that I read I should have. I stopped after 3 flats until I can do this in the greenhouse.
Yesterday was a bust as far as chores go, but it was still a good day.  I grabbed Olivia out of class and Lucas took a photo of us waiting for the start of Emily's play "A Musical of the Revolutionary War".  No, matching Tye dye was not planned, but we are cool like that.  I desperately need a haircut, tan and 50 pounds cut of my body before you are going to see any more than that!
There is Emily in the middle in the back waiting for her turn on center stage, but still singing along. Would you believe the play was an hour long!  That was a long time for Lucas to sit there with me.  It was hot and uncomfortable.
 Emily was on a television show selling artifacts from the Revolutionary War.

When I finally got home I had so many things I wanted to do, but it didn't happen.  The boys needed help with homework.  Oh, I can't wait until school is out.  This has been the hardest year.... all the kids seem to have way more to do at home than they should. They go to 6.5 hours of school and then do another couple hours at home.  Why don't they just make school and 8 hour day and quit requiring me to teach them so we can do other family stuff?  Then when Dad got home I thought I would be able to burn the lawn.  It is still very wet in places, but that will keep it from getting away from me.  I thought wrong.

Emily wanted to go to the Art & Ice Cream Social (fundraiser) at school so she could see her friends. Olivia was tired and wouldn't come along. There were student grown plants for sale.

Lines to buy scoops of ice cream served by firemen from the University Fire Department.
Artwork for sale.  Olivia's is on the bottom left.
Emily's is the black one in the middle.
Lots of people that I didn't know. You'd think with this being my 13th year at U-Park I would know them all, but I haven't spent much time there the last two years. I need to get back into the volunteering mode... I think I just got so burnt out when I had six in school, Olivia was just born and the boys were on several comp hockey teams. I was never home and now this is the only place I want to be!
Her flushed cheeks from running outside with the other kids.
We finally got home around 7:00pm.  I cleaned the chick pool and sat down to watch Survivor when my nephew Jorge showed up with some rhubarb roots from plants grown by my mother 40 years ago that he brought back from Tok.  Visited with him until 10:30PM and that was all she wrote.  A full day, I'm tired today, but not much in the area of progress around the house. (Don't you wonder why they don't jump out? Every chick I've had for the last 15 years had to have wire, etc. and these ten just hang out.)

And today?  So far I've spent 2 hours reading about England's imperialism in Jamaica and another hour helping organize a bibliography for the yet-to-be-written paper that my son has due tomorrow that he has to pass if he wants to graduate.  I offered help a couple weeks ago, but he said he had it all under control. It was no big deal.  Last night he finally asked for help.  It is due tomorrow.  I could choke him. So much for doing anything else today because this is pretty involved. (Don't get me wrong.... I love helping my kids. I do not appreciate the lack of respect that is demonstrated when they wait until the last second to ask for that help and expect me to drop and ignore everything else that is going on. Apparently, Nick and Elijah think they are the only two people in the Universe and my sole purpose is to serve them. And it seems they are right.).


Lori Skoog said...

What if you let Nick and Elijah face the consequences for not doing their work? You are an awfully generous Mom.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

and thats what makes a great momma

Janie said...

Those are hard years, trying to keep up with all the school work. I know I felt like I'd gone back to school when my kids were in junior high and high school. Hang in there.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I've done my time as a volunteer and on PTSO. We will be 9 years in the same school after next year (6th grade) and it seems like forever!

Love your chicks and I'm impressed that they stay in the "pool" and don't hop out and explore. Good little chickies....

Homework. A Pain in the Butt. My DD's Advance Placement teacher loves to give homework during prime time = Fall Break, Xmas and Spring Break, standardized testing week. Go figure!!! Frustrating!! we have 3 weeks left from today.... counting....