The White House

The White House

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Every Day Has A Lesson. Or Two.

Things I've Learned Today.....

*If survival was contingent on putting garbage in the can my children would be voted off the island.

*Forgetting to rinse the barley fodder will create a smell that rivals that of a dead cat.

*Chickens in the living room is never a good idea. Even if they are small.

Yes, it was a full day. I do have photos. I am tired so I'll just leave you with what I learned.


Tara said...

This literally made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! Sounds like things I would do/say! :P

Queen-Size funny bone said...

but what have they learned?

Shannon said...

I find it amusing that I too have learned 2 of your lessons. One more for you... kids don't like vodka in their smoothies. That was one that surprised me.

Janie said...

All good lessons. I hope they weren't learned from experience, but I fear you experienced all of it first hand!