The White House

The White House

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So what do I have to offer the Blog World?  Not much.

My life is full of irony.  I was going to remember what it was and tell you all about it. 
I forgot.


Here's Daisy...under a beautiful blue sky giving me a look of disgust. 
Or at least what I suspect a sheep disgust look would look like.

 And the girls who should lay eggs, but don't.  They just eat a lot of money food.
And no eggs.
My day? Two hours were consumed battling the very important difference between AU and ISI.  Do you know what that is? AU is Absence Unexcused which means, for whatever reason, your child was not in class and the teacher does not have to allow him to make up the work.  ISI means In School Intervention.  That's the place your child is sent for various reasons.  This one being 18 one too many tardies.  After two hours of arguing negotiating, I was right.  He was in ISI and hadn't skipped class. Did they change the records to reflect that? No. Do I give up? Yes.  Whatever! (in the words of my 15-year old).

After that I just felt deflated. Tired. Worn out. Sick of it. Over-whelmed. Needing a vacation.

Geez.  I am such a whiner. Life could be much worse and I know that. I just want my own pity party. For a moment, at least.

I shoveled some sheep manure into a wheelbarrow with a flat tire. Figures.

Moved some dirt around so it could thaw. Why?

Cleaned my kitchen so they can make a new mess. And they did.

Registered my last child for Kindergarten only to be question as to the whereabouts of my "proof of address".  Of for f**ks sake.  This is the end of my 13th year with a child in this elementary school.  I will put in 20 years as a parent there when he is I really need to continue to prove where I live? Apparently, I do.

If my Senior screws up his last week of school and doesn't graduate he's moving under the bridge with all the other homeless people.  I will help him.

If my other teenage who wants to drop out of school and get a GED at 16 continues to talk like a fool I'll....I don't know what the hell I will do, but it will be ugly.  Honestly?  Get a GED?  With his learning disabilities it is impossible.  So is reasoning with him. It's almost like still being married to his father, but I can't leave him. He's my child.

If it snows again tonight I'm moving to Canada.  I hear they have sunshine.
And if they don't, I'll build an igloo.

Only two more sleeps until my baby is five.  That sucks.

And....I really have a lot more to add, but I've already lost most of you to surfing the web for something more interesting so I'll stop now.

Lucas just told me I need a cow. ???????????? Really? 


RottenMom said...

You haven't lost me! Not a chance!

If your child screws up before graduating, I will HELP you to move him under that bridge!

Daisy does look pissed off.

I hate stupid people working in our school systems. Are they working WITH us or AGAINST us parents?

Oh nooooooooooooooooooo, the baby will be five!

No cows for now, I have a few deer you can have!

As always, along with great respect and admiration, I am giving you a great big hug across the miles. I hope you feel it today! XO

Amanda said...

Gayle, you crack me up! The homeless people was the best! :) Keep your chin up and take LOTS of deep breaths! YOU will get thru it all. :)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sometimes being a parent is a thankless task. I hope things look brighter soon!!

Tara said...

HUGS TO YOU!! And we will be lifting you up in prayer. Love you much, Gayle!

Stace said...

Being a parent with a child that didn't fit well in the school system...I can commiserate. Yes, most of the time it seems like they're setting them up to fail. I can understand his frustration, I wouldn't want to be there either, but if his learning disablities are that bad, then the GED is out of the question. being 16 sucks. Being the parent of a frustrated 16 year old is even worse. ((HUGS))
Happy almost bday to Lucas..maybe you should get him a cow..because you obviously have all the time in the world to take care of one :P lol!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I think he's right a moooo cow will fix everything. lol