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Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Golden Birthday My Little Lucas

Today was my last babies golden birthday.... Lucas turned 5!!  Can you believe it?  I really miss holding a tiny baby in my arms.  There's nothing like it in the world, but I can say, he's a little character that keeps me entertained.

We should have done a lot of cool things and had a super special day, but it wasn't in the cards. My oldest son who, along with his brother, think they are the center of the universe. Seriously. All these years Homer and I have taught, by example, hard work, planning, doing your best no matter the task, consideration, kindness, others come first.... you know what I mean, but it isn't what they've learned.  They are oblivious to the concerns of others and really do think the world revolves around them SO I spent the day researching British imperialism in Jamaica because he has a research paper due tomorrow that is necessary to graduate and he hadn't even started. At this very moment I don't care much for the Brits. Or Jamaica. Or even British Literature.  THEY ATE MY ENTIRE DAY!!  Anyhow, Lucas asked if Olivia could stay home for his birthday and I let her so at least they had fun.

With work done we went on a family dinner for his birthday.  This is something we used to do with all the kids back when Andrew, Cody and Sydney still lived with us. When they moved out we quit going. It just wasn't the same, but today we decided it's time to start living again. Birthday It's been sorely lacking for too long.

Lucas wanted to go to the Food Factory.  It's the little ones favorite place.

Nick (sporting his new earring that I didn't know he had when I took the photo) and Elijah.  He's apparently getting gauges. Yes, I am against it, but he's 18 and 12 days from graduating so I don't really have a say, do I?
The most wonderful Dad and Husband in the world with the special birthday boy!
My sweet Olivia who has to be one of the happiest girls on earth.
My beautiful daughter who completes the family when she comes home.
The gang came out and sang to our little man.
He got a pretty big bowl of ice cream!
He even shared it with Nick and Elijah.  He really is close to Nick and it will be hard on him when he goes out into the world and isn't around all the time.  (It will be hard on me, too).
My husband is King of the Stuffed Animal Machine.  It's 50 cents a try and he gets one almost every single time. Some random guy got the Sponge Bob and gave it to Lucas before dinner.  Then Olivia got two in one try...the devil and white and pink bunny. Homer then got Curious George and Nick got the Lion.  Elijah had one, too, but it fell.  It was prime for the picking but we only had one quarter left and couldn't get it. (We have about 200 stuffed animals in boxes so we really don't need these, but they were having so much fun!!).
See the Little Man's red nose? He fell down the front stairs.  The way he screamed I seriously thought he broke his nose. I guess that makes the birthday complete.

And no, nothing else, but a couple loads of stinky teenage boy laundry got done.


Stace said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!!! Minus the research paper. British imperialism in Jamaica? Yuck! That boy owes you. Big.
Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday party! Lucas and Homer look so much alike in that picture.

Corey~living and loving said...

Happy Birthday to your Lucas. They grow so very fast. :( Looks like wonderful family time. I"m sorry your day was so hard though. Teenagers really scare me. While I know the love will always be there.....I don't know how I'll handle seeing her make bad decisions....or decisions I don't agree with. I'm a control freak. LOL

RottenMom said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! Oh my goodness that kid is so darn adorable, as all of your kids are! I love the photo of your husband and the B-Day boy!

And please forgive me for saying this, you may not think that you have a right to say anything to a soon to be 18 year old about getting gages, but you certainly have a right to not save his ass with your Brit research!

Hang in there!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I miss small peoples birthdays

Lori Skoog said...

Happy Birthday to Lucas. You took some fabulous photos of him...what a cutie.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!! I must be a reader for awhile becasue I do remember when he was 3.

You remind me so much of my Mom. She did alot for us and I remember being the teenager that never wanted to do anythign and griped and complained. Never helped around the house etc. But I did feel loved and did not stay so self centered.

Your an awesome Mom!