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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Sleep Too Much

What a day Friday was!!  I should have gotten a lot more done, but I've been sleeping in a lot lately (after the kids get on the bus).  Not sure why I can't get moving. Between the extra sleep and driving to Kindergarten my day never really gets going until 11 AM.  I'm losing a good 5 hours that I should be working.  Shame on me!

Here's the first flat of barley.  Wait until you see it this morning.  Much thicker.  I think my problem is maybe this isn't the best grain in the world and I should have soaked it longer.  I read on a beer making website that they soak the barley for several days changing the water every 8 hours so it doesn't ferment.  I am going to try that. (Oh, and Homer's work got one of the box hydroponic set-ups so now he'll be able to really quiz the researchers to figure it all out!).
The second two trays are pathetic.  I just don't get it.
View of the right shelf from the back (where there should be a wall).
This is the view of the left shelf. Many of these plants should be in the greenhouse therefore saving me electricity, but they will be next year.  It's a growing project that gets better each year. (No pun was intended, but I see it's there.) Other plant photos on my gardening blog.
Apparently the girls overheard "stew" and someone laid an egg. :)

Daisy looks so shabby and really needs clipped.  Soon, I promise.  See the thing is, she'll be okay a couple more days not looking so beautiful, but in that time plants will die and I can't get them back.  She understands.
The plants I'm talking about?  Look here! My niece and nephew, Michelle and Jorge, went to the home I grew up in and dug these up. Then Jorge drove the box 200 miles back to me.  I remember picking the rhubarb and making sauce for ice cream for my dad.  These plants are somewhere between 35-38 years old. Words cannot express the joy it brought me to have these plants.  I was on cloud nine the entire day.
Cutting apart a root system that old is like chopping down a spruce tree with a shovel. 
It's projects like this that really suck my time.  I have to flip the beds, mix in some partially decomposed compost, break the plants apart and then plant them.  Before I knew it it was 2:45 PM and I had to go to town.
I stole some gravel from across the driveway for the far end so the dirt wouldn't run out where the boards weren't touching the ground. I really need an entire load in this area.

At 3:00 PM I gave Elijah his bike,  phone and money so he could hang out with some friends. Lucas and I raced to the store for groceries and then back home to meet the girls on the bus. I made my husband kabobs (his had some fresh shrimp), grilled corn and that awesome Bam Bam Potato Salad because he deserves it.  I said on Facebook that it may be Mother's Day Weekend, but every day should be Father's Day for all that he does for me and the kids.

The plan was for him to put roofing on the greenhouse and for me to burn the lawn.  Mother Nature thought otherwise.  The wind was howling so I couldn't burn or there would have been a major forest fire and if he would have picked up one those sheets it would have folded in half. Now I know there are a hundred other things we could have done like splitting wood, cleaning house, shoveling dirt... the list is long.  What did we do? We sat down and watched two movies and went to bed. Now that's a Friday!!


Gail said...

That sounds like the perfect day to me. Things will wait, time together is always well spent.

Happy Mother's Day!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Good for you on watching TWO movies - you deserve a break. I never heard of rhubarb sauce for ice cream. I think my mom would like that. My mom loves rhubarb and always grew it in our yard when I was a kid.