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The White House

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Senior Prom!

Amazing that my "plant room" ended up a "catch all" room.  Even more amazing is that I found a home for or got rid of most of this stuff and actually have it mostly filled with plants.
Everything is doing quite nicely.  Well, except for when I take the evening off and don't water.  Then I wake up to many dead plants and that is a bummer. Plants are just like children and animals...neglect them for just a moment and they wither.
There is still a little bit of junk that I haven't taken time to clean up.  Plus there are still the rest of the lights that haven't been hung, but I am doing fine without them at this point.
I dehydrated some apples.  I should weigh these as I bet it is cheaper just to buy them out of the health food section.  Our produce is so expensive.
Spent some time thinning the Dianthus.  Finish with almost two full trays instead of one. How things grow still make no sense.  Last year I only ended up with one single Dianthus plant.  Now look at them. The things that did wonderful last year - not so good this year.  Guess that will make for good variety.
Last night was Nick's Senior Prom.  He went with two of his good friends who came to our house to get ready.  Olivia dressed up (in my boots) and didn't understand why she couldn't go. I think Lucas is a hat man!
These two have been good friends since they were babies.  Jori was born on my birthday!  Her mom was in the delivery room when I had Nicholas. All those years went by so quickly (and yes, I cried after they all drove off).
The other guy is Nick's  best friend Nick.  These two spend most of their free time hanging out.  Nick stays over at our house on Tuesday nights and I imagine when my Nick does move out it will be to share a cabin with this guy. Oh, I should tell you my Nick did his own tye dye job on his shirt.  I love that he doesn't hesitate to be himself.  His dreads are doing pretty good.  I think as they grow they will lay down more.  We need to lose the rubber bands I'm just afraid they'll fall apart.  I'm not a professional after all.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Nick did a fab job on that shirt!
It looks great on him.

I dehydrate apples and bananas all the time. They are my favorite.

anymommy said...

I can't even think about senior prom w/o tearing up. Hope they had so much fun.

Your plant room looks amazing!

Janie said...

The plant room looks great!
How nice for Nick that he has two lifelong close friends.

RottenMom said...

NIck's shirt is so cool! Great job! I love that he just does his own thing!

And umm wow, how different prom dresses are from my high school days!

thecrazysheeplady said...

That's an amazing plant room!!!

Corey~living and loving said...

good friends....I can tell. :) and love the tie dyed shirt. awesome.