The White House

The White House

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Nice Day Off

There's so much to do in the plant room and it is quite a slow process, but an enjoyable one. This is Painted Daisy.  I consolidated the plants to make more room.
 We snubbed our noses at chores yesterday and played.  Both kids were apprehensive about their first time riding this year and both insisted they have their training wheels on. 
 This was Millie's first trip to town.  We put her in a kennel in the back of the truck and she rode without any problems. 
 She definitely was enjoying all the smells.
 She's never really walked on a leash either and was wonderful.  I really can't believe how mellow she is for being a pup.

 It was a tad windy, but worth all the fresh air.

 We stopped by to see the geese.  Each year they plow the fields so the geese will rest here rather than cause problems at the airport.
 We couldn't get out and that was very disappointing. The parking lot was a mess.  Difficult to drive in with deep puddles and ruts.  We would have been soaked getting out of the car.  I also noticed the garbage can was over-flowing all over the ground.  I've never seen Creamer's Field this neglected in the past.

We also went to the feed store and picked up some chicks.  I got 5 Black Australorps for laying hens and Homer got 5 Cornish cross to bar-b-que. Olivia and Lucas were instantly in love and they are right here in the living room for everyone to see! :)

I priced some new containers.  The black one comes in a sheet of 18 that amounts to 11 cents each.  The cups from Sam's Club were 3 cents each.  They are actually narrower and deeper which will work better so it only made sense.  I am using a kabob skewer to poke holes (set on top of Styrofoam).

The time consuming part has been mixing up the potting soil.  I bring in a bucket of dirt to thaw.  Sterilize it will boiling water then add perlite and sphagnum moss.  I wish that I had compost to add, but those piles are frozen solid. Something new I've learned this year and will hopefully have time to make up quite a bit this Fall.


Janie said...

It's nice to have some clear pavement for biking! The kids look like they're having fun.

RottenMom said...

Adorable kids, adorable chicks...can't think about the future barbecue!!!

Lori Skoog said...

I'm so glad you had a happy day!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

peep peep